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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Genoa G8 Trials: Seizure And Punishment

24-03-2005 12:14

Fresh intimidation from prosecutors trying Genoa G8 protestors, as laptops belonging to defense lawyers are seized following unrelated libel claims

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The World's Water: should it be privatised?

23-03-2005 22:28

The World's Water: should it be privatised? - PUBLIC MEETING - 7.30pm -
Wednesday 13 April
Oxford Town Hall

Every year over two million people die because of the unclean water they are forced to drink. Many more - particularly women and children - have their lives disrupted by the need to walk miles to collect water.

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Indigenous Ahwazi refugees suffering in Iraq

23-03-2005 21:19

Ahwazi human rights activists sent an urgent appeal this week to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees over the safety and security of Ahwazi refugees living in southern Iraq.

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What is Neoliberalism?

23-03-2005 21:10

Every search for alternatives must questions these neoliberal foundations by demythologizing the "great narratives" of the free market, efficiency, competition and entrepreneurship. Economic laws and practical necessities could be analyzed as social constructions.

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Secret sale of public land. Demonstration against redevelopment of Queens

23-03-2005 19:31

Queens Market, East London
Newham council intends to sell Queens Market (Upton Park) to private developers St Modwens. The "Friends of Queens Market" group is campaigning against the demolition of this thriving, multi-ethnic market and plans to demonstrate outside Newham Town Hall on Monday 11th April.

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Homophobia on Dr Who

23-03-2005 17:49

Queer as Folk author, Russell T Davies complained about a gay-bashing joke on children's tv. Now his new Doctor Who script includes a homophobic remark which is presumably designed to give the program 'street cred' but is no better than the homophobia he complained about in The Guardian.

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more photos from bruxelles, 19th march actionday

23-03-2005 16:52

more photos from bruxelles, 19th march actionday

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Loyalisy violence escalates

23-03-2005 15:24

We wonder why the English media didn't make the fuss over the murder of Pat Finucane, that they currentlty are over that of Robert McCartney.

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Prol-Position-News #1 out now!

23-03-2005 08:17

newsletter on recent class struggles from perpective of auto-organisation

Editorial: Why such a project now?
Wildcat strike at GM/Opel in Bochum, Germany
GM/Saab policies in Sweden
New wage-model at VW, Germany
Last note on VW
Protests against welfare-reform in Germany
Update on Hartz IV/welfare-reform
Struggles of migrant workers in Paris, France
Travel report: More struggles in France
Aviation: Two struggles in Britain and Belgium
Construction: Struggle at Laing O’Rourke/Britain

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Prostitution and its social consequences

23-03-2005 06:37

Sisyphe website delivers cutting edge analysis of women's condition and of other important issues, notably prostitution.

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March 19th Anti-War Demo In Warsaw

22-03-2005 20:03

Video footage of Warsaw Anti-War demo from March 19th

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Ahwazis Against Iranian Islamic Theocracy

22-03-2005 17:31

The Ahwazi Arabs are among the world's most persecuted minorities. While global attention is fixed on the Israel/Palestine conflict, the Ahwazis go unnoticed. The indigenous Arabs of Iran are gagged and are denied the right to learn their own language or publish their own newspapers. They live in poverty, their land ritually confiscated by the theocratic regime in Tehran for the profits of foreign oil companies and the enrichment of an ethnically Persian religious elite. Who will listen to the Ahwazi voice?

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Spoil Your Vote

22-03-2005 15:23

Spoil Your Vote is an idea whose time has come. Its aim is simple: at the next general election, whenever it may be, we want to get all those people who think their votes don't count - people who didn't vote in 2001, or people who voted for no-hope candidates - to get out and spoil their votes.

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'I'll hold Blair to account' by Reg Keys

22-03-2005 14:41

Reg Keys wasn't interested in politics until his son Tom was killed in Iraq in a war he insists was 'illegal and immoral'. Which makes him the ideal candidate to stand against the prime minister in his Sedgefield constituency, he tells Stuart Jeffries

Tuesday March 22, 2005 The Guardian

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Zimbabwe elections

22-03-2005 13:25

Zimbabwe elections need to be free and fair. Mugabe's regime is a dictatorship founded on corruption, repression, terror and fear.

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Anti-Detention Center Filmscreening and Talk

22-03-2005 12:01

No Lager - Nowhere

Filmscreening and discussion on Detention Centres in Sheffield, Tuesday 29th of March.

Part of the mobilisation against the European detention center regime and for April 2nd European wide Day of Action for Migrants and Refugees Rights.

For the freedom of movement and the right to stay.

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21-03-2005 22:42

America 'vigils' while it destroys the World. From Vermont, THE VIGIL STATE. "Over 10 million candles sold!'

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Dokdo in the East Sea of Korea

21-03-2005 21:15

Dokdo in the East Sea of Korea
Dokdo (or Tokdo) (Dakesima in Japanese) belongs to Korea.

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Facing Global Warming & Other Great Adventures

21-03-2005 17:49

experiential activities to harness heart as well as head - workshop almost full but evening talk is free and takes 400 people.

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Anti-war demo, a photograph.

21-03-2005 15:01

Wide shots are cool...
Just a simple shot from the 19/03/2005 anti-war demo in London. Peace people.