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Peter Buknatski | 21.03.2005 22:42 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

America 'vigils' while it destroys the World. From Vermont, THE VIGIL STATE. "Over 10 million candles sold!'


I stand with a sign
For an hour each week
It makes me feel good
I deserve to feel good
I am a good person

After I am done
I go to the library
I take home all the right books
It makes me feel good
It eases my stress

I am a moral witness
I will not tell you
What I think or feel
Except that I feel good

I am not responsible
It is not me
It is them
Please don't touch me
It causes me stress

I will not listen to you
I will not talk to you
I have seen the dead
I have my sign

I am a moral witness
Silence makes me feel good
Silence is my weapon

Peter Buknatski
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