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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The housing crisis is a war- Squatting is our (not so) secret weapon

27-09-2012 14:10

Some Thoughts on Squatting In a Roughly Situationist manner, this is a guest blog piece which can be seen in its original form at

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Dozens of indigenous Chiapans flee from paramilitary aggression

27-09-2012 09:01

** The situation in La Dignidad autonomous municipality is grave: Frayba
** The firing of shots forced EZLN supporters to take refuge in other communities
Hermann Bellinghausen

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Philippines: The Marcos’ Legacy of Fraudulent and Illegitimate Debts

27-09-2012 01:25

AS THE NATION remembers today the declaration of Martial Law and the imposition of the Marcos fascist dictatorship 40 years ago — we recall not only the crimes and abuses, but the valiant struggles of our people to end the tyrannical regime.

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Debt Forgiveness Or Death!

26-09-2012 04:36

These are the only two choices for the global elite as history does not lie.

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Anonymous: Barrett Brown - Communiqué from Prison 9/20/12

25-09-2012 02:31

"It is hard for me to express how much I appreciate your letter, which is the first I have received here, along with the support I’ve reportedly gotten from others so far...."

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PHILIPPINES: The ghosts of martial law

25-09-2012 01:25

On September 21, forty years ago, President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law. For almost 13-and-a-half years afterwards, the country suffered terribly from a brutal and corrupt dictatorship. Among the victims of the grave violations of human rights under martial law were the following: 3,257 “salvaged” (summarily executed), 35,000 tortured, and 70,000 incarcerated, as documented by historian Alfred McCoy.

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The Innocence of Muslims: No Fear, No Hatred, No Threat

24-09-2012 17:25

Violence that ensued following the release of the Innocense of Muslims is to blame on certain followers of Islam. Muslim-Supremacists need to be contained.

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Now we are all Persona Non Grata

23-09-2012 10:34

Text by an English comrade who was arrested during the raid on Delta squat.

Nine of the arrestees in Delta squat’s eviction were set free on bail after the trial, where they made a collective political statement. All defendants were found guilty for diverse misdemeanor charges, received suspended prison sentences (from 3 months to 16 months) and got 3 years probation. The total monetary amount of their bail was 7,950 euros. Till this day, the tenth defendant is still captive, facing the danger of deportation because of police perjury: a cop testified in court that the comrade had a fake passport (which is not true).

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Social cleansing blitzkrieg in Tower Hamlets under exec mayor Lutfur

22-09-2012 10:55

Last Wednesday’s [19 September 2012] Full Council held with Tower Hamlets Borough’s executive mayor Lutfur Rahman in attendance, heard Labour Councillor Denise Jones say that she was ashamed as she observed that Lutfur Rahman was refusing to answer Questions or speak about issues that were of concern to the residents.

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We were wrong to think the environment could wait

22-09-2012 00:15

Amy Hall meets outspoken Filipino campaigner Lidy Nacpil, who shares her thoughts on floods, solidarity and ramming home the climate-change message.

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Latest news from Comandante Abel

21-09-2012 19:33

Attacks on the Zapatista communities of Chiapas are increasing.

Paramilitary groups are acting with impunity

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Urgent Request From Alberto Patishtán

21-09-2012 14:19

Urgent request for support for innocent Mexican indigenous political prisoner.


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Alberto Patishtán loses his sight due to neglect by the Mexican State

21-09-2012 14:15

This innocent Mexican political prisoner has now spent over 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. It has now been revealed that he has lost his eyesight due to medical neglect.
A motion for his innocence is being presented on Wednesday.
He needs his freedom now.

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The EDL's Racist Tweets Go Unpunished - #edl

20-09-2012 23:38

Time after time, people (including ex-EDL members) have speculated that the EDL are part of the state apparatus. Whether "new world order" or old-fashioned institutionalised prejudice, members of the EDL are rarely prosecuted for racist tweets inciting violence, whereas, anybody makiing off-the-cuff remarks about celebrities are subject to a quick knock at the door, suggesting protecting famous people from slander is more important for the authorities than protecting society from hatred and violence.

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Prison Island UK

20-09-2012 13:32

New anarchist webpage selecting all the UK news and reports for bad citizens everywhere. Plus all the anti-system, riotous and anti-social news you never hear about and more: Jesus gets his arm sawn off in Wakefield; Bins on fire in Bolton; Blackpool estate agent done over. From the boring cities to all the crappiest parts of England, Scotland and Wales, people are fighting back – “in this grey prison society the flame of revolt still burns”:

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Activists demand Novartis stop strangling the supply of medicines from India

19-09-2012 16:48

Stop AIDS Campaign activists outside Novartis
Activists protest outside UK Novartis plant in opposition to Novartis’s attack on generic medicines which could jeopardise millions of lives. Novartis is pursuing a legal case against the Indian government over its decision to deny patent rights on a cancer drug, threatening the supply of affordable medicines to the world’s poor.

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Greek Squat Anarcho's All But One Released

19-09-2012 14:04

This is an extract of an email sent to myself from an anarcho comrade in greece, one of the comrades arrested and brutalised by anti-terror pigs recently in Thessaloniki.

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TV Licence Enforcment - An Open Letter to the BBC

19-09-2012 10:10

As a consequence of the BBC's failure to address the many shortcomings of its TV Licence enforcement operation, we have taken the unusual step of issuing an Open Letter regarding our concerns to the BBC Executive, with copies to MPs and the Press.