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Latest news from Comandante Abel

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Attacks on the Zapatista communities of Chiapas are increasing.

Paramilitary groups are acting with impunity

Below is a summary of the latest news from Comandante Abel community

It should be remembered that these types of attacks are happening, have happened before, and are likely to happen again throughout Zapatista territory.

All people of good conscience are asked not only to remain alert and aware and be ready to respond when aggressions happen, but also to be proactive and take preventive action to prevent any more such occurrences. We cannot remain silent.

Report from the caravan of observation and documentation to the Zapatista community of Comandante Abel

from the Free Media Centre

Thursday 20 Sep: The displacement of Comandante Abel resulted in two women and two young children missing.

Days later they were found in the cornfields of a nearby community in solidarity.

Officials and former officials, and military and former military members are driving the paramilitary group Paz y Justicia in Sabanilla.

The Zapatistas from Comandante Abel community resist the attacks from the Government counterinsurgency.

Today the caravan will meet another group of displaced people from Union Hidalgo.

Wednesday, 19 Aug: The community of Comandante Abel is under siege from paramilitaries and state police.

Last night, the state police fired into the air in the community of San Patricio

The police camp is established in the school of the community of San Patricio which was displaced today.

The caravan also visited 70 people displaced in the attack of 6 September.

There are more people from the community of Comandante Abel who were displaced by the paramilitary attack of 6 September.

Press-conference regarding report of the caravan to the Comandante Abel community
The civil organizations, collectives, and free media that formed part of the caravan of support and solidarity with the Comandante Abel community have called for a press conference this coming Monday, 24 September, at the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre (Frayba) to make public the report drawn up following the investigations undertaken by the caravan's members on 18-20 September.
It should be remembered that the attacks against the Comandante Abel community resulted in the displacement of approximately 70 families from two neighbouring communities; these were also visited by the caravan.

Attacks, forced displacement, and disappearances of Zapatistas in the Comandante Abel community

On 18 September 2012, an observation caravan in which many civil society organizations and alternative media are participating left to investigate the prevailing situation in the Zapatista community of Comandante Abel, official municipality of Sabanilla, in the northern zone of Chiapas.
In its most recent communiqué, the Roberto Barrios Good-Government Council (JBG) denounced that on 6 September at approximately 7am, a group of about 55 persons carrying firearms and wearing military-type uniforms in masks forcibly displaced Zapatista support-bases from the community using gunfire. According to this same source, on 8 September, in light of the constant harassment and immediate risk to their lives and personal security, 70 Zapatista families fled, taking refuge in the neighbouring mountains under precarious conditions of health and nutrition. Presently the whereabouts of 14 persons, including two children, are unknown.

It should be remembered that a year ago several aggressions were committed in the San Patricio community, for which reason the Zapatistas of that community decided to move themselves to a different set of lands recovered by the EZLN in 1994. This was the founding of Comandante Abel.

Roberto Barrios JBG denounces attack on Comandante Abel community

The Roberto Barrios Good-Government Council (JBG) has denounced the situation lived in the new community of Comandante Abel, which previously had been known as the San Patricio Zapatista Rebel autonomous municipality of Dignity (official municipality of Sabanilla), where on 6 September PRI militants from Sabanilla invaded lands pertaining to the Zapatistas. In a communiqué, the JBG indicated that the attackers forcibly removed the residents of this space with the intent of taking over the land and property.

The invaders stole green corn and destroyed pastures, among other crimes. The number of “invaders” reached 150, according to the denunciation, who at different times opened fire with guns. In light of the threat that the presence of this group represents, the JBG found President Felipe Calderón, governor Juan Sabines, Sabanilla mayor Genaro Vázquez Pérez, and Tila mayor Sandra Cruz all responsible for whatever it is that might happen in the days to come.

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