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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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London CM free to ride

30-06-2006 16:41

Cyclist win a high court decision against the Metropolitan Police

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Leeds Palestinian Film Nights 5th & 19th July

30-06-2006 14:10

Leeds PSC presents Arnas Children 7pm 5th July and Visit Palestine, 7pm 19th July at The Common Place, Wharf Street (off Kirkgate), Leeds City centre.

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The G8 at Gleneagles, 1 year on - films, reflections, 16 July, common place

30-06-2006 09:56

A year on Sunday, 300,000 'white wristbands' marched on Edinburgh to ask the world's most dangerous armed criminal gang - the G8 - to stop being nasty to those poor Africans and 'make poverty history'. Meanwhile, 'violent anarchists' had a big holiday camp. What happened next?

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30-06-2006 09:24

The PSC is calling for a vigil against Israeli War Crimes and in support of Palestinian Human Rights this Friday (30th June) from 5:30 to 7pm in Parliament Square. We call on all supporters of Palestine to make their presence known in this current emergency.

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Who Really Runs Leeds? next meeting 10 July

30-06-2006 09:01

To kick off 10 days of events around privatisation and corporate power in Leeds, the Who Really Runs Leeds? project based at Leeds University has organised its second meeting on 10 July aimed at uncovering the nature and extent of privatisation in Leeds.

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Scan Dot Org - 'Quitline' mp3

30-06-2006 03:12

Scandalous issues
Political Satire 4:35 mins. Featuring Graham, Marie, Martin

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'Our Cities are Not for Sale' - two public meetings in Leeds

30-06-2006 00:25

Oscar Olivera
Two major anti-privatisation meetings have been announced for July as part of efforts to create a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign network of trade unionists, tenants, health, education, and other public service workers and users.

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Documenting Matilda

29-06-2006 23:48

Acoustic night
A near complete listing of all the events hosted at Matilda. In addition lots of campaign meetings were held, regular socialising and eating together and artists did art on the top floor! A range of photos that don't capture fully the broad range of stuff that went on, but hope gives a flavour.

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Bill board felling in Bristol!

29-06-2006 21:54

Those billboards keep coming down in Bristol – full details here next stop the council house…?

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Another SOCPA travesty

29-06-2006 20:10

Riley: "SOCPA doesn't apply to us"
When is a demonstration not a demonstration? That's a question that SOCPA followers have been asking for almost a year now, as ever more people come before the judge as Serious Criminals.

Today we got a clue, inasmuch as it seems that wealth and power might have a bit to do with it. Britain's top bosses marched straight through the SOCPA zone to the Home Office - author of that law - without a constable in sight.

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one law for the rich.......

29-06-2006 18:27

businessmen held an unauthorised demosntration within the designated socpa zone earlier this evening, and no-one got reported or arrested.

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Greg Palast, Kim Moody speak in London this Saturday

29-06-2006 17:18

Two important figures from the US left will be speaking in London this Saturday.

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Palestine Today

29-06-2006 16:26

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Thursday June 29th 2006

Fighters blow hole in Gaza-Egypt border wall, Israel abducts 8 Ministers, 24 MPs, Army arrests 14 residents in Nablus, 24 in Hebron, and invades several villages in Salfit,

These stories and more coming up stay tuned

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Reminder: Manchester Day of ID Register Opposition, this Saturday

28-06-2006 22:28

A reminder about Saturday's day of flyering and awareness raising in Manchester city centre.

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Australian government outlines pro-market agenda for its Pacific sphere of influ

28-06-2006 21:28

Neo-colonial occupation
The publication of “Pacific 2020” is part of the same process. Given the tiny economies of the Pacific islands and East Timor and their reliance on international aid and trade, these countries will be pushed into implementing its agenda—one way or another. Significantly the report was released a month after the publication of a “White Paper on the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program” which explicitly links aid to economic demands. If the threat of aid cutbacks fails, then the countries risk being branded as “failed states” and face the prospect of neo-colonial occupation, as in the Solomons and East Timor.

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Reading Gay Bishop Issue 7

28-06-2006 20:43

Reading's Radical Newsheet - Gay Bishop has released its seventh edition. Enjoy and spread the good word.
Love and Peace

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socpa challenge march next sunday

28-06-2006 17:50

edwin and friend with banner in the square
ex-sergeant major edwin will be accompanied by a piper, some sambaistas and some jugglers as he begins his freedom march at parliament square on sunday 2nd july at 2pm

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Something has to be done with REDWATCH

28-06-2006 17:40

Something has to be done with,,

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Palestine Today

28-06-2006 17:37

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Wednesday June 28th 2006

Homes shelled in Rafah as Israeli army forces residents out, while army arrests one resident form Farkhah village, and invades Jenin and the nearby villages of Qabatia and Kofer Ra'e. Those stories and more coming up stay tuned