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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Call for International solidarity for Mexican Johnson Control workers

10-02-2011 18:57

The International Metalworkers' Federation joined with other labour and rights groups in taking further steps to protect the rights and safety of workers, Mexican Miners' Union members and labour rights activists at Johnson Controls in Puebla, Mexico.

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2 Fr.Bks:Indignez-vous(Time for Change)&”Coming Insurrection” spur revolts

10-02-2011 18:41

Two recent books from France and England are stirring up revolutions, and it's about time.

I'll quote from them a little, because you need to know. But I am not trying to steal their sales. If you get a copy, that's a revolutionary act in itself.

Roma and Arabs in Europe and Latinos in America, take note. This about protecting your rights.

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Ronald Reagan’s demons

10-02-2011 15:54

40th US President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
The myth of Ronald Reagan's vast popularity during his actual terms as president is now all but written in stone, largely thanks to a lying corporate media. Barack Obama is a disciple, embracing Reagan's doctrines of domestic savagery and global American Manifest Destiny. The real, historical Reagan was an overtly racist politician whose “audience heard him loud and clear and knew that he meant to put and keep white people on top in America.”

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U.S. Groups Encourage Spain to Prosecute Bush Officials

10-02-2011 15:50

"Please Do What the U.S. Won't. Prosecute Torturers."
Dozens of U.S. human rights groups will present an open letter to the Spanish public to consulates and Madrid officials on Valentine's Day. They will encourage support of Spanish courts in prosecuting U.S. officials who authorized torture.

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Mark Kenney: A detailed chronology of his activities

10-02-2011 07:00

A detailed overview of Mark Kennedy's actions between 2002-2010, in different countries. It will no doubt generate more information, so please comment or email the address included.

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Mexico: Days of Action, 14-19 February 2011

10-02-2011 06:15

The continued violations of the right to freedom of association by the Mexican government must stop. The IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI are calling on affiliates to take action from 14 to 19 February, 2011.

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Captive Nation - Egypt And The West

09-02-2011 20:24

In 1886, Tolstoy wrote:

‘Slavery has long been abolished. It was abolished in Rome, and in America, and in Russia, but what was abolished was the word and not the thing in itself.’ (Tolstoy, What Then Must We Do?, Green Classics, 1991, p.104)

In 2011, ‘the thing in itself’ is alive and well in Egypt. What an extraordinary spectacle it is - a dictatorship behaving as though an entire people were its personal property. Henchmen aside, the people have spoken, almost as one, and their demands are very clear. The blunt government response, in effect: We react as we want. If we don’t want to, we don’t have to. Why? Because we have a monopoly of violence.

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Teachers protest over St Edward’s Academy plans

09-02-2011 12:06

Teachers handed out flyers to parents to try and explain why they are opposed to a top Liverpool school becoming one of David Cameron’s independent Academies.

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Photo Blog from Tahrir Square: 08/02/2011

09-02-2011 08:58

Tahrir Square - 08/02/201Tuesday

Tuesday the 8th saw the biggest demonstration since last Friday in Tahrir Square. Coming one week after the ‘March of a Million’ (when there was a callout for one million to participate in the protest) some people sleeping in the square had felt a bit nervous the night before. Although the big march on 1st February was calm, the day after saw the bloodiest day yet, with the demonstators being violently attacked by pro-Mubarak forces. Yesterday proved that whatever the regime comes up with, the peoples' determination to gain their freedom will not bow under the pressure. The Tahrir protestors are not going anywhere.

The next big day will be this Friday.

View short video here

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“I was born when I came to Tahrir Square”: Interview with a volunteer doctor

09-02-2011 08:18

Mosque converted into medical clinic in Tahrir Square

The most striking thing about Egypt’s ongoing revolution is the ecstatic expressions on the faces of the the people who are creating it. Everything that happens on Tahrir is the result of real self organisation. “There are no political parties present here, just people”, one man tells us , “we are doing everything for ourselves because we want to create something for the people”. The sense of empowerment this gives is nowhere more evident than in the busy medical centre located just outside the square. Normally a Mosque, the building is now buzzing with doctors and nurses who treat patients around the clock. At prayer time the building still fills up with worshippers who pray there, but once they are finished the work continues. All the medics are volunteers, many of whom have made significant sacrifices in order to be there. Being a doctor is one of the best paid professions in Egypt, but the three doctors on call did not hesitate to leave their jobs so that they could come here and treat the wounded.

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Demonstration at Magles Al Shaab – 08/02/2011

09-02-2011 05:24

Anti-Mubarak protester leading chants outside Magles Al Shaab

“First Obama said Mubarak had to go straight away. Then Mubarak, cleverly, said that if he stood down the Muslim Brotherhood would gain power… Now Obama says that Mubarak must remain in power to keep ‘stability’, and Cameron follows him”
Middle aged anti-Mubarak demonstrator

“In the square there are a million people, and a million leaders, everyone has a voice”
Tahrir Square occupier

As hundreds of thousands of people demonstated in Tahrir Square a crowd gathered outside nearby Magles Al Shaab, the Egyptian parliament, standing opposite the Ministry of Health. Hundreds of people swelled to thousands as people poured in from the square. Protestors barricaded the road and set up a volunteer checkpoint to protect the demonstration against attack. The army stood and watched as people vented their anger, an act that would have been unthinkable before the revolution began sixteen days ago.

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Bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria

08-02-2011 23:46

Despot Mubarak in die BRD ?
Ex-minister suspected behind Alex church bombing ...... Egypt`s general prosecutor on Monday opened probe on former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly`s reported role in the New Year`s Eve bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria in which 24 people were killed, an Egyptian lawyer told Al Arabiya. Laywer Ramzi Mamdouh said he had presented a proclamation to Egyptian prosecutor Abd al-Majid Mahmud to investigate news media reports suggesting that the former interior ministry had masterminded the deadly church attack with the intent to blame it on Islamists, escalate government crackdown on them, and gain increased western support for the regime.

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Global day of action for Egypt - Saturday 12 February

08-02-2011 21:08

Stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt and the wider Middle East and North Africa in their demands for an end to repression, for their freedom, their basic human rights, and immediate democratic reform.

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What’s WikiLeaks Got to Do With It?

08-02-2011 20:39

"In other words, cables revealing state corruption and injustice in places like Tunisia and anywhere else where the Internet and other access to information is restricted, can be a tremendous shock, and then a great motivator. Their contents confirm people’s worst fears. They shame. In the case of Tunisia, the writers argue, there was “a genuinely extraordinary WikiLeaks effect.”

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"We will rip freedom from the throat of Mubarak"

08-02-2011 11:42

Remembering Bilal Salem Ayesh Mahmud - Martyred in Rafah

“We will rip freedom from the throat of Mubarak”
Young man, Tahrir Square, 07/02/2011

“We have seen our friends killed here in Tahrir Square. After that how can we leave now, before the revolution succeeds”
Man in his mid twenties, Tahrir Square – 07/02/2011

Mourning for the martyrs of Tahrir Square and of the Egyptian uprising continued yesterday. Banners bearing the images of the martyrs were hung in the square. One Bilal Salem Ayesh Mahmud, ten years old, was killed during the uprising in Rafah. Fourteen demonstrators have been killed in Tahrir Square, and over 300 have been martyred during the uprising.

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Targeted destruction around Tahrir Square

08-02-2011 09:47

Barclays targeted near Merekaz al Shaab

During the last thirteen days rioting has erupted through downtown Cairo. The property damage caused in the rioting has been well targeted with branches of multinational corporations, government cars and buildings, police and army property and banks destroyed while local cafes, apartments and shops have been left untouched.

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UG#537 - From Divided Brains to Divided Societies (Neurological/Cultural Roots)

08-02-2011 08:27

This week we hear two scholars on the profound roots of separation, firstly within the structure of the brain itself, secondly between individuals in modern society. Ian McGilchrist sets the scene in our first hour with The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. In our second hour we replay one of the deepest talks from earlier Unwelcome Guests episodes - The Roots and Ramifications of our Culture of Hierarchy and Control by Marvin Bram.

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Egyptian regime begins US-backed talks with opposition parties +2

08-02-2011 01:58

"Having slandered the anti-regime protest movement, Suleiman outlined a series of threadbare sops, including a pledge to form a committee comprised of “members of the judicial authority and a number of political figures” that is to spend a month considering possible constitutional and legislative amendments. Another bureau is also to consider complaints about the detention of political prisoners.
The vice president said that media and communications would be “liberalised” but stressed that the state of emergency—continuously in operation ever since Mubarak assumed power in 1981—would only be lifted “based on the security situation and an end to the threats to the security of society.”

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Police Intimidation Fails Against Dixie's Vintage Fur Protesters

07-02-2011 23:11

PCSO 'I'll prosecute you' Neill
PC Paul Adams: “I've just received complaints of you being abusive”
Activist: “What were we accused of saying?”
PC Paul Adams: “They sell fur!”