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Mark Kenney: A detailed chronology of his activities

Hydra | 10.02.2011 07:00 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield | World

A detailed overview of Mark Kennedy's actions between 2002-2010, in different countries. It will no doubt generate more information, so please comment or email the address included.

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The original purpose of this chronology was to collate info from various places, and to try to help comrades in other countries access it. It is not for the mainstream press. Obviously information posted here is read by many different groups, including the state, but it is important to share this information among our networks as much as possible, to ensure that information doesn't come out in the press before people involved know.

This project is a collaboration with people in various countries and campaigns. There is a large amount of information so apologies if there are factual errors. All sources of information have been verified as extensively as possible. For obvious reasons attempts have been made avoid using the press as source material. Information here contains overlap with some of what has been reported in the press, but has also all been independently confirmed. This is not a place for media reports, and any references to events cited on Indymedia have also been clarified by individuals connected to them.

The lack of information here about the exposure, events following on from the exposure, and any reference to sexual relationships is deliberate; not because this is unimportant, but so as to create a record that looks at political work only. Obviously there is overlap but that is not the concern here.

The level of detail here investigating times in Denmark is important, but also it is important to remember that Mark was much more involved in Berlin than any other city outside the UK. In order to respect peoples' confidentiality, detailed reports of this does not feature here.

It is also important to note that one of the worst pieces of reporting in connection to his political activities has been to do with the coverage of the Saving Iceland campaign. The role Mark Kennedy played in the campaign has been greatly exaggerated by the mainstream press, especially the Guardian. The database attempts to deal with some of these errors.

We are currently compiling similar lists about “Lynn Watson” and “Marco Jacobs”.

If you have useful info, please email Thanks to all those who have worked on it so far.

In solidarity,


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