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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tamil leaders 'killed as they tried to surrender'

20-05-2009 10:16

Text messages sent by Sri Lankan officials told the rebels how to give themselves
up. They obeyed the instructions – but were shot dead.

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G8 Torino: Italian police baton charge students

20-05-2009 05:27

Italian police fought running battles with thousands of students protesting over the economic crisis yesterday on the sidelines of an international meeting of university leaders.

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BNP knocking at your door! sLOw the fuckers dOWn.

19-05-2009 20:17

When they knock at your door hold them up as long as possible. chat shit, argue even agree with them if you have to, just slow the fuckers down.

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Rare documentary about masonic corruption in the plannning process

19-05-2009 18:12

Never seen since its one and only showing in 2000 this took some tracking down I can tell you. Please note the processes by which freemasons keep their mutual interests hidden in official government positions.

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Saturday 23 May - Stop Police Violence, Kettle New Scotland Yard!

19-05-2009 15:26

Kettle Scotland Yard!
Saturday 23 May - assemble 3pm Trafalgar Square
March via Downing Street to New Scotland Yard.

The United Campaign Against Police Violence has called a national demonstration to highlight the issues of police violence and demand justice for those who have died in police custody.

The police tactic of "kettling" demonstrators - essentially detaining protestors and bystanders without charge - will be turned on its head on the protest, when we kettle New Scotland Yard.

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Second attempt to remove Cherbal Family

19-05-2009 05:55

Fresh removal directions have been served on Ismail Cherbal and Safia Aouf, nationals of Algeria, and their British-born children Sonia aged four and son Aya aged 15 months. Who have lived in Blackburn, Lancashire, for almost five years. They are currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and are due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Saturday, May 23rd, at 09.45 hours on British Airways flight BA894 to Algeria.

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UNITE National March For Jobs, Birmingham, May 16 2009

19-05-2009 05:50

Corus Workers from Teesside at the rally point
The turnout organizers claimed for Birmingham's national March for Jobs was 7,000, not exactly stunning I'd say! The biggest union in this country Unite (two million members) organized this march. It also had the backing of the TUC. Would it have been to much to expect a better mobilization for a 'mass' demonstration to defend jobs in the UK's industries? It appears once again other than the usual flashy PR promotion, no organizational action follow up commenced to make it a real success. The leaders of the union movement continued their failing in giving a lead! It meant getting off their backsides and rolling up their shirtsleeves, getting down in the workplaces and the streets to do, what they are paid and expected to do. Organizing something that has some bite!

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Burma Protest - First Day of Aung San Suu Kyi Show Trial

19-05-2009 03:58

Over 200 people protested at the London, Burmese Embassy on Monday 18th May as part of a global day of action. Some of the Burmese are continuing a 24 hour fast outside the embassy, which will be concluded with a demonstration between 12:00 and 1pm on Tuesday 19th May.

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Freedom for the accused of the fire of Vincennes’ center detention of migrants!

18-05-2009 17:48

Vincennes in fire the 22th of june 2008
Since the end of 2007, the detainees of Vincennes’ center detention of migrants (France), have ceaselessly struggle for their freedom. The 21th 2008, a Tunisian called Salem Essouli died because of a lack of medical care. Then a revolt blew up, and the bigger center in France was destroyed by fire. Eight persons are accused of this destruction, we still don't know when the trial will be.

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Direct Action; France, Mexico, Belgium, Finland, USA, Chile & Spain

18-05-2009 15:49

14th-18th May


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The Most Credible Challenge to Neo liberalism

18-05-2009 15:18

The People's Age is near but will have to be struggled for by focusing on the 'bottom-up' human rights approach which are the rights left out by the Global Elites at the UN in their discussions of economic and social rights over the past four years which resulted in the 'we are all in it together' approach presently being adopted by States.

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Boycott P&G “Trolley Dump” in Tesco

18-05-2009 13:34

Video from action in Cambridge. Report posted earlier.

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Jean-Baptiste Bassime Must Stay In UK Campaign

18-05-2009 05:21

Jean-Baptiste Foukong Bassime a national of Cameroon and resident of Birmingham; was arrested and detained by UK Home Office when he reported for signing at Solihull Immigration office on 5/5/09. Currently he is detained in Campsfield IRC, and due to be forcibly removed to Cameroon on Thursday 21 May 2009 on Easyjet flight U2-2431 from Luton Airport @ 06:00hrs to Paris, and then from Paris to Cameroon on Air France Flight AF940.

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Veganarchy Zine #1 - Free Copies!

18-05-2009 00:40

Front cover preview
Hello my wonderful Veganarchy readers!

The publication date for the Summer 2009 issue of Veganarchy has been moved forward a few weeks, but things are looking good and soon enough we’ll be finished.

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Manchester Public meeting: Fighting the Economic Crisis

17-05-2009 22:44

Saturday 23rd May, 1.00pm

Upstairs, Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester (city centre), M2 4JA.

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Boycott Proctor & Gamble Day Action in Cambridge

17-05-2009 21:43

Activists Shopping Trip!
Campaigners headed to Tesco on Newmarket Road, Cambridge on 16 May 09 as part of an international day of action against Proctor and Gamble (P&G) who still test on animals. Proctor and Gamble are responsible for a huge array of products including Herbal Essences, Ariel, Fairy, Bold and even animal food under the label Iams/Eukanuba.

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Humanitarian disaster - Vanni, Sri Lanka. - pictures.

17-05-2009 20:57

Elderly women with injuries.
On the day Sri Lanka government forces claim victory over the LTTE (Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Tamils gather outside the US embassy in London to call on the Americans to intervene in the Humanitarian disaster now unfolding on the Island.

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Re: Committee to Investigate the April 10th Occupation of the New School

16-05-2009 20:30

To help push along the inquiry into the facts concerning the occupation of 65 Fifth Avenue on April 10th 2009 in New York City, we are offering clear and direct responses to all the questions that the New School Investigation Committee is seeking to answer. We do hope this clears some things up.