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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Another Construction Collapse in Capital of Culture City

20-09-2007 15:47

As the city of Liverpool is frantically prepared for the Capital of Culture celebrations, workplace safety is bound to come a poor second to profit margins. This year has already seen a three fatalities on Merseyside construction sites, and though no-one has been killed in this latest incident, it looks very likely there will be more deaths before 1st January.

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Zionists propoganda program for the new year

20-09-2007 11:20

The Zionist Federation in the UK is mobalising for a massive PR offensive next year with a program of events aimed at making the terms zionism and jewish synonymous and strengthening their lobbying power. .

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Palestine: The Trademark of Resistance (by Latuff)

20-09-2007 07:56

Palestine: The Trademark of Resistance 1
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Housing4All: action on Monday launches new campaign

19-09-2007 16:22

New campaign for accessible housing for all disabled people launched in Birmingham with demo outside Council House

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Altab Ali station -call to name Aldgate East after martyr

19-09-2007 13:40

The naming of the Aldgate East tube station after the martyr Altab Ali is the aim of a campaign in the East End of London which is gaining support from people from all waks of life

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The Future of Work-driven Society

19-09-2007 10:30

When less and less time needs to be spent working for a living in Western industrialised countries, this partial freedom of gainful occupation is increasingly becoming a problem for those dismissed. The vision of working less and living longer is a utopia that is also realistic.

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Stop Deporting Cameroonians

19-09-2007 05:56

'Whether we have leave to remain or don't have leave to remain, let us unite'

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FIT come to manchester

18-09-2007 19:24

FIT arrive in manchester for an important trial

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Streets for People and sustainable mobility.

18-09-2007 07:44

European Mobility Week has started and will run until Car Free Day on the 22nd. Many towns and cities all over the world will be taking part, with walking and cycling events and including road closures to motorised traffic, so what about London?

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Philippine Protest Marks The First Senate Hearing On The JPEPA

18-09-2007 02:40

14 September 2007, Manila, Philippines. – A crowd of more than 300 workers, farmers, fishers, and environmentalists from the Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition (MJJC) today called on the Senators of the 14th Congress to look beyond the rosy projections and government hype surrounding the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), and to carefully assess its short-term and long-term implications. The group’s call came on the day of the first scheduled Senate hearing for this historic, precedent-setting treaty.

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Protestors Demand Freedom for the Cuban 5

17-09-2007 16:51

LONDON, Saturday 15 September 2007. Members of Rock around the Blockade, a campaign of the Revolutionary Communist Group, held a lively rally in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London to call for the immediate release of the Cuban 5, prisoners of US imperialism (see for more information about the Cuban 5).

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More details: Feminist Fightback conference, 20 October 2007

17-09-2007 15:15

More details of the second Feminist Fightback conference, which takes place at the University of East London on Saturday 20 October 2007.

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Rossport Solidarity Picket in Reading

17-09-2007 13:56

On Friday 14th September, Reading Grassroots Action and others from around Reading took part in a picket of a lcoal Shell garage. This picket was made in solidarity with the anti-pipeline/refinery community struggle taking place in Rossport, Ireland.

We protested for about an hour on the forecourt, giving out many leaflets to drivers. The Police arrived just as we left.

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The Student Climate Project Launch Gathering Nov 30/Dec 2

17-09-2007 13:16

An exciting new student activist project is being launched later this year. The “Student Climate Project” is being set up by students to contribute to the building of a mass student anti-climate change movement. What sort of action do you want to take on Climate Change? Is there any issue that is more important? Students have driven social change in the past. Now we must rise to the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

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Felicia Sakwe

17-09-2007 12:06

Felicia fled from Cameroon to seek refuge in this country in October 2005.

She is currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, with removal directions for next Monday 24th September, this will be the second attempt to remove Felicia.

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Two fatal accidents at construction sites this weekend

16-09-2007 08:32

A 20-year-old man has been killed on a construction site on Plymouth, just one day after a similar accident took the life of an 18-year-old in Scotland.

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There's Next To Nowhere You Can Get Parties Like This...

16-09-2007 07:17

It doesn't mean chaos y'know. Though if you'd seen the kitchen at 4am...
Next To Nowhere - Liverpool's new social centre - opened last night with the political party to end political parties. Over one hundred people danced and chatted long, long, long into the night, raising money for our exciting radical space while they were at it. Here are some pics, and sorry to the musicians whose names I've forgotten!

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Rossport Solidarity Demo in Madrid

15-09-2007 18:52

madrid rossport solidarity demo

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Shell to Hell, Leeds Banner Hang

15-09-2007 14:56

Stop Shell Hell in Ireland
Yesterday morning at 8am, a banner was hung over the A58 /Leeds Inner Ring Road in solidarity with the day of action against Shell's plans for a gas pipeline & refinery in Mayo, Ireland.