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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Fat priests, thin congregations

17-05-2010 14:05

(The accumulative wealth of any congregation no matter how poor, ends up with the head priest)

By Nellie de jongh for 'Freemovement', Monday 17th May 2010

Religion is big business a multi-billion dollar industry!

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Purple Protest Demands Fair Votes

17-05-2010 08:59

More than a thousand people, many wearing purple, came to Westminster to demand a fair voting system, feeling cheated by the recent election results which failed to produce a government reflecting how people voted. London, UK. 15/05/2010 Photographs copyright (C) 2010, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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London Protest Against Iran Executions

17-05-2010 08:46

Trafalgar Square rally
Around a hundred people demonstrated in Trafalgar Square and then marched for a rally opposite the Iran Embassy following the execution last Sunday of 5 political activists, the latest of many such death sentences. London, UK. 15/05/2010. Photographs copyright (C) 2010, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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NHS doctors are providing info on political activists & Muslims to the police.

17-05-2010 01:13

GPs are being required to pass information to the police regarding people that they think are at risk from crime or at risk of committing one. This is meant to safeguard children and safegurad women who might be victims of domestic violence, rape, female circumcism or murder. It is also meant to protect people with mental health problems and others affected by it.

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Photos of Protest in Afghanistan against Execution in Iran

16-05-2010 21:18

demonstration was held in Jalalabad, Afghanistan in protest to the
continuous execution of Afghans and Kurdish Political activist in Iran by islamic regime.

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Shell Protest Video - Party at the Pumps 2

16-05-2010 19:17

Checkout the video of UK protestors shutting down the Islington based Shell petrol station for 5 hours on the 15th of May on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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Workers' Fightback - War Without Frontiers

16-05-2010 18:11

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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A Union For All Workers

16-05-2010 17:08

Building the One Great Union of all workers in the UK

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Video: Boycott P&G 2010 in Cambridge

16-05-2010 16:53

Video of the Boycott P&G 2010 protests in Cambridge

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Take Back Parliament, Rise of the Purple People, London - Pictures

16-05-2010 14:55

The Purple People.
A week after a coalition Government forms in the UK, and the incumbent and highly controversial Labour Government are retired to opposition, campaigners for reform of the British electoral system gather in London to call for a system of Proportional Representation (PR).

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FC St Pauli - Pirates of the League

16-05-2010 12:53

Photo courtesy of Max Reeves
FC St Pauli the Football Club beloved of radicals everywhere is 100 years old this month. As part of the celebrations a collection of former players and other “St Pauli All Stars” will be playing a friendly match against FC United of Manchester, The Red Rebels, and Republican’s favourites Celtic. A St Pauli statement said: “This game will be the highlight of the unique friendship between the sides.

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'Rabbits' and 'Vivisectors' Support Boycott P&G 2010 in Cambridge

16-05-2010 11:48

Chillin' at Tesco...every protest helps!
'Rabbits' and 'Vivisectors' take action a week after the 14th International Day of Action against Proctor and Gamble (P&G).

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Kurds from Turkey at Iran's border to support General Strike against execution

16-05-2010 09:35

Here is a clip of how a demonstration of a few hundred Kurdish people from Turkey marched to the Turkey/Iran border trying to cross over to join the strike in the Kurdish province in Iran yesterday 13 May.

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The Rachel Corrie

15-05-2010 20:49

The Freedom Flotilla has set sail into the eye of the storm.

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River transport strike paralyses Bangladesh

15-05-2010 18:43

Steamers in Sadarghat, Dhaka
A week-long strike of river vessel and port workers continues, despite severe state repression.

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Athens - Shock and awe from "The April Theses" of KKE

15-05-2010 17:16

Shock and awe to the Greek ruling class from the "The April Theses" during the speach of Papariga , secretary general of the Greek communist party KKE..
The huge demo was at the range of 50.000 - 70.000 people and managed to occupy the total center of the city for more then three hours . Also special KKE members took position in front of the parliament to avoid provocations
Today was a day of POWER SHOW of the KKE

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Guerilla Gardening in Parliament Square.

15-05-2010 17:16

Somr earlier gardening
A Garden was established this afternoon on the Green in front of the Houses of Parliament.

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A statement from the occupation at Middlesex

15-05-2010 12:04

In late April 2010, Middlesex University decided to close down Philosophy, its highest research-rated subject; ever since, Middlesex students and staff, and many thousands of their supporters in the UK and around the world, have been battling to save it.

In early May, Middlesex Philosophy students took matters into their own hands. On the morning of Tuesday 4 May; when the management cancelled this meeting at short notice, more than 60 students converged on the Dean’s office in the ‘Mansion’ building at Trent Park to demand an explanation. The Dean refused to meet with them. The students decided to occupy.

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Greece Rebellion

15-05-2010 09:49

Follow the Greelk people..