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NHS doctors are providing info on political activists & Muslims to the police.

anon | 17.05.2010 01:13 | SOCPA | Health | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast | World

GPs are being required to pass information to the police regarding people that they think are at risk from crime or at risk of committing one. This is meant to safeguard children and safegurad women who might be victims of domestic violence, rape, female circumcism or murder. It is also meant to protect people with mental health problems and others affected by it.

Whitehall leaked information to the Times in 2007 regarding new laws requesting that GPs pass information to the police and security services.

Safeguards that are meant to protect children and protect women from rapists and serial killers are being misused. Police are asking GPs for information on political activists and are in some cases paying them as informants. They are asking for information on people that have committed no crime, are not violent are not likely to become violent and pose little threat but are simply protesting or are Muslim. This will include all Muslims, CND, environment protestors, Plane Stupid, animal rights activists, housing campaigners, anarchists, squatters, womens rights and anti rape campaigners, pro life campaigners etc i.e. anyone political including non violent protesters.

This information, we know with certainty is being misused. There have been reports where MI5 have harassed and threatened Somali youth in London via their medical records and that of their families. MI5 tried to force Somali youths into becoming informants and used their medical records to do this. An MI5 operative phoned a Somali youth and "congratulated" him on the birth of his child in hospital, gave the baby's name, gender and weight and then threatened the family and tried to force the man into becoming an informant against other Somali youths and neightbours for MI5. Staff in a hospital gave police details of the baby.

The police are harassing people and asking GPs to collude in harassment. GPs that are not impartial politically etc have victimised patients and joined in with the police in harassing people who have different political views to their own. A GP in Westminster has been passing information to the police about political patients for several years. He was asking patients questions such as "Where do you go to use a computer?" The same GP then told other [disgusted] staff at the practice that the police were obtaining information on patients.
When a patient reported police and MI5 harassment to a GP, the doctor accused the patient of "imagining things that aren't there" and told the patient he had "mental health problems" but refused to refer him to help for these "mental health problems". He refused outright to put anything about the harassment from police into the patients notes but passed the information to the police instead.
Police have accused victims of being "ranting liars" in a case where there were multiple reports of victimisation to a GP.
In one case a Somali patient who reported regular stalking, threats and abuse from the police to his doctor found that his doctor wanted to cut off his valium and methadone prescription quite suddenly, without explanation when he was at his most vulnerable. He believes that it was because he was reporting harassment from the police to his GP around once a month and it was appearing in his notes which were probably being read by Special Branch. He believes they wanted him to stop going to the GP and complaining so often about them and that it was being done as a punishment.

We are aware that some of this has appeared on Indy before but this is still going on and needs investigating and stopping as the trust between patients and GPs is being abused and dissolved. Vulnerable patients are not recieving proper or respectful care from their own doctors and where police harassment is spilling into harassment from GPs we are heading into fascism where GPs and police become one and the same. People are being victimised and abused simply for holding a politcal opinion or are "guilty" of peaceful protest. If the police are colluding with GPs then this means patients who have been beaten or assaulted in any way and menatlly harassed by police, MI5 andSpecial Branch will have nowhere and no one to turn to for help.

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