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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Semiotext(e)'s translation of Guy Debord's letters

22-01-2009 18:49

the entire book is thus both an Orwellian suppression of these relevant and important historical events, and an implicit validation and approval of the similar suppressions that preceded it and made it possible.

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Leeds Uni Occupied!

22-01-2009 18:24

Leeds University has been occupied!

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Rampant Maha Madness

22-01-2009 15:24

I left the religion in the backburner for several years. Not that my views about religion had changed or I didn't consider myself religious any more. I just had so much to do that expending time on religion had become scarce. I simply lived the way I thought I was supposed to live according to my understanding of how a good Muslim should be. Meanwhile I learned more about democracy, human rights and other values like equality of rights between men and women and I liked what I learned.

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NETCU- Banging the gang-bangers

22-01-2009 14:07

This short piece is not intended to be in any way definitive. However, it is useful to see how NETCU strategy and tactics and changes in UK law appear to have been borrowed wholesale from US anti-gang policies. The implication is that to get a better idea of how NETCU think look at whats been going on for years in the US.

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Second attempt to remove Constant Moussavou

22-01-2009 14:06

Constant Moussavou
Constant Moussavou, a national of Congo Brazzaville, resident of Leicester a long time activist/member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM) was detained by the Border and Immigration Authority on Tuesday 11th November 2008 and currently detained in Oakington Immigration Removal Centre, due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Friday 23rd January 2009 on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET701 (ET831) from Heathrow at 21:00 hrs.

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Activism Labeled "Blackmail" - SHAC UK Sentenced

22-01-2009 14:03

Activism Labeled “Blackmail,” UK Animal Activists Sentenced to 4-11 Years in Prison

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Another market facing destruction

22-01-2009 13:37

Northampton Market is the latest casualty. Another market fighting for its life.

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Summit mobilisations 2009: Manchester meeting

22-01-2009 11:28

Meeting on Thursday the 29th of January at 7pm in meeting room one at the manchester students union to share information about upcoming summits and to debate the pro's and con's of mobilisations in general.

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Sussex Occupation: To all other occupying students

21-01-2009 23:21

A communique to all universities occupying in solidarity with Palestinians from the Sussex occupation.

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BBC1 Plague kills "Al Qaida" insurgents = more fears over Camden Super Virus Lab

21-01-2009 21:16

This week's The sun gloats over the deaths of 40 "Al Qaida" insurgents killed by the "West's latest weapon in 'The War On Terror', The Plague Or Black Death".
This shed'd some light on what Western laboratories get up to..."saving lives" using gruesome experiments on innocent animals and unwitting people. This shows the depths that the West will stoop to in "The War on Terror" Camden

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Another Regular Protest at Novartis

21-01-2009 17:36

Tuesday, 20th January

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Local authorities slash jobs and social services

21-01-2009 15:34

Across Britain, local authorities have announced plans to slash hundreds of jobs and outlined deep cuts in budgets for public services.

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SHAC Sentences anounced

21-01-2009 14:18

Activists found guilty of 'conspiracy with persons unknown to blackmail' Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) were today sentenced to terms from 4 to 11 years.

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Two activists in spain facing prison for euromayday action

21-01-2009 10:23

flyer: acquittal for nico and toret

In Spain, activist groups in the fields of migration, precarity, social rights; workers organisations [1 / 2]and a social center are asking for support [es / de] for two activists. They are facing 2 years of prison for their participation in a Euromayday action in Sevilla in 2006. The court case is this friday, petition faxes and messages of support can still be sent [details].

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Sussex University occupation for a free Palestine DEMANDS

21-01-2009 09:38

Yesterday evening Sussex university students occupied a main lecture theatre in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Please send statements of support or enquiries to

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Gaza: Analysis, Pictures, Video Material - Comprehensive Review

21-01-2009 00:50

We are e-mailing, writing media and politicians, sharing ideas and developing strategies to develop the Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as well as bringing Israeli leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Please begin to or expand your work in your community for BDS. For resources and tools, we are listing below links to: pictures and video, facts on Gaza, Declarations by the UN and human rights groups, political analysis, and the link to 25 actions to do.

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Lambeth Unison calls for Boycott of "Apartheid" Israel

20-01-2009 14:49

The Lambeth Branch of UNISON, the second largest trade union in the UK, has voted to condemn the recent slaughter of Palestinians and the ongoing occupation by Israel at a meeting of its Branch Committee this morning.

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Historic day from deprived East London: Voicing off on Black Kennedys!

20-01-2009 14:43

The historic thing about today, Tuesday 20 January 2009 in East London any way is the availability of the London EVENING nostandards STANDARD. It seems that the title is still being published in English! And it is still lying.. It carries a fantastic piece by Anne McElvoy, who claims to have foreseen as long as 4 years ago that Obama was the Black Kennedy!

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Do you want to go sailing?

20-01-2009 14:04

Hi, we’re looking for people interested in our new sail boat workers co-operative. In attempting to find out what need there is for a sailing co-op to exist we have written the following questionnaire. If you are able to/interested please take a couple of minutes to fill it in and send it back to us by 2nf February. We know this is really soon, but it will help us enormously and, as an incentive, we will love you lots and randomly give a box of chocolates to one of the returned questionnaires!