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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The terror plot that didn't fit

12-10-2006 14:30

We're only interested in the sort of terrorism that suits our paranoia

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Shell Depot Shut down on Tyneside 11/10/06

12-10-2006 12:17

blockade of shell depot Jarrow
The Shell distribution Depot at Jarrow, North East England blockaded for an hour in solidarity with Rossport

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Breaking news from Mayo

12-10-2006 10:34

Three arrests this morning, national mobilisation planned.

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Anti-Shell Action in Ireland, Shell H.Q. in Dublin Occupied

11-10-2006 23:24

Welcome to Shell Exploitation and Production Ireland
Anti-Shell actions in three different counties in Ireland today, Wednesday October 11th, plus photos from occupation of Shell H.Q. in Dublin.

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Bradford Shell Garage gets Samba'd

11-10-2006 20:23

Blocking the entrance
Just before 5:30pm tonight, amid rush-hour traffic, a group of protesters lined up outside a city centre shell garage to play samba and alert passers by to the situation in County Mayo, Ireland.

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Take Action! Skin 2 U

11-10-2006 17:50

Action Stations! Only 6 stores in the whole of Yorkshire are known to be selling fur, which includes Skin 2 U who are stocking fox trimmed coats. On demonstrations outside their store, the Skin 2 U manager has physically assaulted activists and tried with desperation to silence the truth about the store's support for cruelty.

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Palestine Today

11-10-2006 17:07

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Wednesday October 11th, 2006.

Army kills one resident near Eretz border crossing in Gaza, while in the West Bank one is killed in Nablus and prisoners are taken in morning invasions to several other cities. These stories and more, coming up, stay tuned.

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Law of the Land - WE RULE - an indictment of the Bush regime

11-10-2006 16:10

The UN-Elected Bush regime now states cowardly Americans have no
longer any legal rights to defend themselves from unlawful arrest
if commanded without reason by the lawless as godless, bushite
enemy LIARS. Are YOU fooled?.. I didn't think so.

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No to war, no to theocracy: solidarity with workers and students in iran!

11-10-2006 13:44

Free Ahmed Batebi and all political prisoners in Iran!
Protest when Muhammad Khatami visits St Andrews!

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reflections on sack parliament

11-10-2006 13:00

The following is a summary of what me, and the group i was with at sack parliament felt about the day

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All’s Fair in Love of War

11-10-2006 12:59

The real terrorists reveal themselves!

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Shell petrol pumps shut down in Leeds in solidarity with County Mayo, Ireland

11-10-2006 11:19

Protesters shut down Shell
A Shell petrol station on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds was shut down this morning between 8am and 10am by local people in solidarity with people in in County Mayo, Ireland, who are currently fighting to stop Shell's disastrous and potentially deadly gas pipeline being built through the beautiful coastal village of Rossport.

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Glasgow - Dawn Raid Vans are Being Detained

11-10-2006 05:29

The Home Office Reporting Centre at Brand St in Glasgow (home of the Dawn Raid teams) isn't going to open on time this morning. Have a lie-in if you don't fancy work or signing-on today.

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Not to the evict of the Almagro`s Assembly !

11-10-2006 02:29

Que se vayan todos!!!
¡No al desalojo de la Asamblea de Almagro!

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Palestine Today

10-10-2006 17:32

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Tuesday October 10th, 2006.

One Palestinian killed east of Rafah, in the West Bank, an Aqsa Brigades fighter was injured near Jenin, the army takes prisoners in morning invasions to several cities and efforts to form a national unity government between Hamas and Fatah continues. These stories and more, coming up. Stay tuned.

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Open Letter to the Rulers in Germany

10-10-2006 17:01

We were almost convincede we really had the same interests as your corporations, banks and politicians. We almost believed that all our desires could become reality in capitalism.

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Monday’s Blockade in Mayo

10-10-2006 16:02

Solidarity Protest in Dublin
Protests continue against Shell....

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Pic from No Borders demo

10-10-2006 11:40

Lots of people and colourful banners and nice music.

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Protest at Communication House - Friday 6 Oct 2006

10-10-2006 10:56

On Friday 6 oct 2006 in the frame of the Transnational Day of Action for immigration, asylum and sans papiers' rights All African Women's Group, Global Women Strike and Payday Men's network organised a protest against deportation.

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Protest Against the Iraqi Court

10-10-2006 10:37

Because of the lack of honest media that reflects both sides of the conflict, I translated this letter, handwritten by Saddam Hussein in protest against the court’s procedures, the letter was wriiten two weeks ago and published today.