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All’s Fair in Love of War

Og | 11.10.2006 12:59 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The real terrorists reveal themselves!

The Scottish hard-man fronting for the ‘Joint’ in Britain, Gordon Brown, is “meeting the terrorist challenge” by demolishing civil rights once and for all and granting new powers to every department, from transport to the environment, who are now focused exclusively on security and combating the mythical ‘al Qaida.’ He plans to use all the available tools of law to oppress civilians, including policing, intelligence and finance, but first he must be able to identify us.

Biometrics is to be compulsory for travelling, to pay for products in supermarkets and enter buildings, to access the telephone, email, computer or bank accounts. Brown said, “We will soon be able to efficiently and conveniently use both digital scanning of fingerprints and digital scanning of the unique patterns in the iris of the eye.” He added, “The challenge must be met globally, with all the means at our disposal: military, security, political, economic and cultural.”

Continuing in this vein, Ruth Kelly delivered a duplicate speech the next day at Westminster, speaking about the ‘battle of ideas’ and ‘winning hearts and minds.’ Kelly especially condemned the British Council of Muslims for refusing to acknowledge the Holocaust on memorial day and promised funding for the de-radicalisation of extremists who are twisting Islam or as Brown put it, “the violent perversion of a peaceful religious faith” spreading through the internet.

While addressing the Reform Club Media last week in a private session, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said the British people should “brace themselves for a truly appalling act of terror.” Is he privy to plans for this attack? Following this act of barbarism he said, “people would be talking quite openly about internment” and Brown reiterated this when he called for an extension of detention without charge beyond 28 days and preventative control orders.

Brown said the police and security service have a duty to take pre-emptive action and intervene early to prevent possible attacks. Perhaps he should have Sir Ian Blair arrested and interrogated to divulge more details. But this action will be directed at Asians and now Africans, because Brown claims “Africa is home to a growing number of al-Qaida cells” who are migrating here with animosity to our values, only Britain and America have civilised societies founded on dignity!

He explicitly stated that our ideals alone uphold liberty, democracy and justice and there should be no future for anti-Americanism in Europe. Brown wants diverse religions across the world to unite and counter indoctrination and conspiracy theories which radicalise young people by insisting Western powers seek to murder them, steal their resources and corrupt their culture. The blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s for oil and a ban on burkas is all just coincidence.

Ruth Kelly thinks Britain is a great place to be a Muslim because we have freedom of speech and legislation outlawing racial hatred. But we also have ‘closed-source’ evidence and extraordinary rendition flights for ‘terrorists’ to secret CIA prisons. We have innocent Muslim citizens in Guantanamo Bay whom we don’t want returned and a shoot to kill policy for suspects, who can also have their benefits and assets frozen if they donate money to charity, but it’s all good.

The Chancellor, sounding more like a Dictator, is unyielding, he will not relax or lower his guard, his resolve is robust and his dedication to the bankers unflinching. Brown has the support of tough-talking John Reid, veil-hating Jack Straw and Opus Dei-loving Ruth Kelly, who says British values are non-negotiable. Muslims can debate our foreign policy, but they can’t undermine it or this will give tacit encouragement to terrorism in this generation-long imaginary struggle.