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Protest Against the Iraqi Court

Iraq Solidarity News (al-Thawra) | 10.10.2006 10:37 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

Because of the lack of honest media that reflects both sides of the conflict, I translated this letter, handwritten by Saddam Hussein in protest against the court’s procedures, the letter was wriiten two weeks ago and published today.

Peace upon the people of peace, upon the people who deserve it and feel it in their hearts. Peace our nation and our people who are trying honestly and with honor to resist the invasion forces and their followers, who took the evil side.

Peace upon the people who followed the right path in the world, and God’s mercy and blessings.

Having said that, many judges were in charged of so called "The trial of President Saddam Hussein and his comrades", some real and some judges entrusted with the task of false judges.

Some of them, represented judiciary in justice and a clear conscience, as in the case of the courageous and respected Judge Rizkar Mohammed Amin, and Judge Abdullah Al-Amri, others came commissioned in advance to persecute of so called "The accused".

They know themselves, and their status is known to the people, it has become clear that there is no room to clarify the truth or to change the biased prior conviction, sentence prepared in advance for sick political reasons

Although it is known that the court procedures lacked the minimum level of legitimacy and intent to offend, the great July revolution, its people, its leaders and their national noble objectives , so that orders issued by the evil invaders and their followers for the replacement of the judge Rauf Rizkar and the replacement of Judge Abdullah Al-Amri with an amateur lawyer.

Defense team were silenced, witnesses were threaten, Arab and foreign lawyers forced to offer advice only, and later forcing them to leave the room and not attending the defense lawyers hearing, and that forced the Iraqis lawyers to leave the court in protest at the bad treatment and the lack of respect for justice, in addition to threats on their lives has been cited by and umber of them were killed by Iran’s intelligence villains.

For this and because it became clear that "Aribi" and the prosecution are bound to prior orders issued to them, so there is no use to my presence in the courtroom, I announce:

1- I will not attend the "court" as long as the situation stays as I described above, if they brought me to it, this means that I brought forcibly.

2-If I brought forcibly, I will refrain from talking unless I have the opportunity to speak, and to the same to the Defense Team, foreigners and Arabs and Iraqis.

3- Fully reject the lawyer assigned to me by the court, who is one the actors ready to play such role in this play, which is directed by Americans, behest by Zionists in one hand and Iran on other.

God is great, long live Iraq and our glorious nation

Saddam Hussein

President of the Republic
Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief

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