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Man faces stoning for gay sex.(Nigeria)

12-07-2005 15:46

A man has been sentenced to stoning to death for admitting to having had gay sex by a Sharia court in Nigeria.

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London post G8 debrief

12-07-2005 11:45

There have been a couple of posts suggesting that some form of post-G8 meeting(s) are necessary if the movement is to best digest and take on board any lessons that there are to be learnt from the mobilisations around the G8 summit.

This Friday 15th July at the rampART social centre in East London time has been made available for people to meet, show films, and discuss the events of last week.

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12-07-2005 07:44

¿Que pasaría si lo que excede de la creatividad autodeterminada de cada nodo de la resistencia, pudiera disponer, de los sobrantes que tengan otros nodos anticapitalistas? Si los bienes materiales se complementasen, sin mediarse por la moneda, con los bienes inmateriales de cada zona liberada en América Latina y el mundo entero.

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11-07-2005 17:55

The writer is a regular on Toronto radio AM640 Saturday nights. He is an amateur intelligence analyst. Sometimes things are not as they appear at first glance. Reaction to these events have orchestrated wars for eons. If we wish to end the scourge of wars we must learn how they are frequantly arranged to benefit the few while harming the many. It is said and revealed we in Toronto are next. May we learn in time.

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URGENT URIBE MEETS BLAIR: Emergency Picket of Downing Street 6-8pm Tuesday 12 Ju

11-07-2005 17:04

Stop State Terrorism in Colombia!
No to International Impunity! No Military Aid to Uribe! Support the Victims of Human Rights Violations!

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M74 actions in Glasgow on 9 July

11-07-2005 14:38

Two actions took place in Glasgow in solidarity with the Jam74 coalition against the M74 motorway in south east Glasgow on the 9 July Day of Action about climate change

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Theological Reflections on Economic Values

11-07-2005 13:06

"A quality of a society is measured in its relations with the weakest.. The economy exists for the sake of people.. God's economy aims at the survival capacity of planet earth and its people.. Our life is connected with all life.."

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What now after G8?

11-07-2005 11:06

There was a long build up, loads of effort, outreachm fundraising, discussions and training etc.

Now what?

With the G8 over, how do we maintain energy and direction?

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Pix of G8 Alternatives demo and action. Archutader 6th July

10-07-2005 21:44

Pix of march and action at perimeter fence

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Sick of Geldof and really want to help developing countries?

10-07-2005 21:08

Then come to the next Oxford WDM Group meeting and find out how!

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G8 alternatives demo and fence pulling Aurchtrader 6th July

10-07-2005 21:02

Sorry for delay getting this up, had a few IT problems!

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G8 Alternatives summit Edinburgh Sunday 3rd July 2005

10-07-2005 15:25

This is a brief account of the G8 alternatives summit held in Edinburgh last weekend. 13 labelled photos are attached.

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Bombs that Silence Dissent

10-07-2005 12:25

The London bombers may have provided the kind of PR Blair and Bush were praying for.

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Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committe Blasts Blair Torture Policy

10-07-2005 11:37

The Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee Foreign Affairs has launched a damning attack on the government's human rights record in the "War on Terror", urging Blair's government to "end its policy of obfuscation and that it give straight answers to the Committee's questions".

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10-07-2005 07:37

Indigenous political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, continues in arbitrary solitary confinement at USP Terre Haute. His basic rights are being denied and his health threatened. Intervention by Human Rights organizations is urged.

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Report of Gleneagles march and rally on Wednesday July 6th 2005

09-07-2005 23:39

This is a 2,000 word report about the march and rally on the G8 at Gleneagles on Wednesday July 6th 2005. 15 labelled photos are attached.

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09-07-2005 13:48

announcement - SATURDAY 5PM

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G8 debriefs

09-07-2005 11:57

Think it would be really good idea to come together really soon to debrief and document our mobilisations in Scotland....

We must collectively share and learn from our experiences so we can take forward good tactics and drop our modify those that nolonger work.