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London post G8 debrief

rampart | 12.07.2005 11:45 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

There have been a couple of posts suggesting that some form of post-G8 meeting(s) are necessary if the movement is to best digest and take on board any lessons that there are to be learnt from the mobilisations around the G8 summit.

This Friday 15th July at the rampART social centre in East London time has been made available for people to meet, show films, and discuss the events of last week.

The event will start at 8pm.

There will be a meal.

If you have videos of events during the G8 that you would like to show, please get intouch in advance (email rampartATmutualaidDOTorg or post info here).

The event will probably take place in the main hall but if less than 20 people attend then it will be in the meeting room on the first floor. If less than eight people turn up we will hold the discussion in the radio studio.

Please propose discussion points in this thread.

It might be that this event leads to or lays the ground work for a future post-G8 gathering.

Stuff that perhaps should be discussed:

1. legal / court case / prisoner feedback
2. ... (add your ideas here)

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