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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pararamilitaries Invade and Pillage Zapatista Land.we will defend MOTHER EARTH

28-02-2007 09:49

The colour of ants. Bases of the EZLN will defend themselves for better or worse.

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Video-chronicle: Demonstration supporting CSO Eskuela Taller and the squatters

28-02-2007 01:48

Last february 24th 1000 people participated in a demonstration for the defense of the CSO Eskuela Taller and the squatters and ocuppied spaces. The mobilization claimed self-organization, self-management, and autonomy as fighting weapons against institutional repression and capitalism.
Video and music produced by La Plataforma.

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ppc + scroat cinema presents.....

28-02-2007 00:36

outside freedomtheatre 1.2007
a night celebrating resistance of the occupation of palestine, featuring a showing of the film Arnas Children.

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Third Planet Report 3/1/07

28-02-2007 00:22

Third Planet Report is a radio show broadcast from the Farm in Summertown, TN with host hippielawyer Alan Graf covering news and commentary you won't hear anywhere else.

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EOCC Social Club License Suspended & How You Can Help

27-02-2007 23:22

The EOCC Social Club has had to suspend its own entertainments license to buy more time to prevent council from shutting them down. You have now been given the time.

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Senior lawyers accuse Australian government of war crimes over Guantánamo

27-02-2007 19:47

War Crimes
The demand for the laying of war crimes charges against Howard, Ruddock and Downer should be taken up by ordinary working people throughout the country. The government’s ongoing treatment of David Hicks, and its defence of the illegal US military commissions, constitute a threat to the democratic and legal rights of every Australian citizen. They demonstrate the real face of the so-called “war on terror” and are a warning of the equally repressive measures being prepared at home against government opponents.

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Dairy industry in meltdown

27-02-2007 18:11

Speaking at the NFU national conference, the NFU leader has warned that the dairy industry is facing meltdown.

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Opposition grows in Rushmoor to cuts in refuse collection

27-02-2007 17:57

The first month of a six-month trial of fortnightly refuse collection in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has led to public outcry, with bin men calling for the 'experiment' to be scrapped.

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Rally in support of striking mental health workers

27-02-2007 13:51

Mental health workers in Manchester are striking over cuts and the threat of privatisation, a rally to support them has been called as a part of the TUC's national NHS Together Day of Action.

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Howard Government intent on Refoulement of Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers

26-02-2007 21:45

85 Sri Lankan asylum seekers were rescued by the HMAS Success last week and taken to the new high security detention facility on Christmas Island. Pamela Curr, from the Melbourne based Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, said "The Australian government must now abide by its signature to the Convention on Refugees and access these peoples claims fairly. They must not be transported to Nauru so that Australia can avoid giving them access to legal advice and refugee processing."

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Time to kick the cops out of our demos!

26-02-2007 20:58

The leaflet below was distributed at Saturday's anti-war demonstration in central London and was well received by most participants of the autonomous block. Please print the attached .pdf and distribute at all relevant events. Let's build a culture of resistance....

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NHS Under Attack

26-02-2007 20:09

On the Keep Our NHS Public demo in Liverpool on Thursday, 22nd February, anarchists handed out a bulletin showing an anarchist perspective on the NHS attacks. The text is below, or you can print-up the prettier version with graphics and photos and stuff. Get the word out, and come to the founding meeting of the Merseyside Anarchist Group on Thursday 1st March, in the basement by News From Nowhere, from 7.30pm.

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Our Story: the Rossport 5 - London Book Launch

26-02-2007 17:25

Media Notice - Rossport 5 launch their book in London

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Unlawful bank charges

26-02-2007 17:13

For years, High Street banks have been ripping off their customers with illegal charges. Customers are now demanding payment in full of all the monies taken out of their accounts illegally. Customers could be owed billions of pounds.

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Tesco – every little hurts

26-02-2007 17:02

We tend to forget, Tesco is now like Wal-Mart a global player. It hurts everywhere. In their last Annual Accounts, Tesco recorded profits in excess of two billion pounds. How do they do it?

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Greece: Anarchists riot (photos and video)

26-02-2007 14:42

Anarchists equipped with gas masks wooden poles and Molotovs clashed with police in central Athens.

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Fabricated charges dropped against East Timor’s former prime minister

26-02-2007 08:54

Murdoch’s Australian, which played a prominent role
Without charges hanging over his head, Alkatiri is now free to campaign on behalf of Fretilin. Murdoch’s Australian, which played a prominent role in vilifying Alkatari last year, sounded a warning in an editorial on February 7 that “Mari Alkatiri’s return could further destabilise East Timor”. There is no doubt that the Howard government, with the assistance of the Australian media, will be working to ensure his defeat—by all available means, including further provocations.

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GUINEA: the army requisitions all the workers!

26-02-2007 08:43

Friday evening, Kerfalla Camara, the chief of staff of the Guinean army, announced in a radio broadcast that he has ordered the end of the general strike and the resumption of work on Monday, by requisitioning all the workers in the administration, in commercial establishments and in private enterprises!

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Report: OPDDIC: Operation Land Displacement

25-02-2007 23:45

The Remaining Facts