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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Art of Flower ArrangingFull story:

18-05-2007 11:53

The uninformed are rejoicing over the forced resignation of Paul (bouquet of flowers) Wolfowitz from the World (US) Bank; the resignation of Tony (45 minutes) Blair as British prime minister; the foregone demise of George (WMD, mission accomplished) Bush and the likely elimination of John (aluminium tubing) Howard as Australian prime minister. However, rejoicing may be premature as the gangrenous infection in the body of humanity has not been completely excised.

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Refuting the Deafs: Chavism and Anarchism in Venezuela

17-05-2007 23:16

* From the publishers of El Libertario goes our reply to the habitual expressions that the coarse right or the easy-going left used to attribute us; the same left that, inside and outside of Venezuela allows that the mirage of the Chávez pseudo-revolution impressed them. We could and would like to say very much more about this subject, however currently here there is the essential and concise information about our point of view that, even when it was expressed several times it does not implies that it does not have to be repeated.

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Dale Farm's Plea To Bulldozer Company

17-05-2007 14:54

Protest against Baliff company Constant & Co, on Thursday 31st May, 2007.

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Crime of the Century - Article 2

17-05-2007 12:50

Letter Page 1
In the aftermath of our first article ( found here: ), Nicholas Sarkozy has responded and continues to pervert the course of justice.

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Indy Oaxaca Infonight reaches Bristol

16-05-2007 22:04

Kebele social centre and Kiptik are hosting an info night and update on the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico as part of a speaking tour organised by the UK Zapatista solidarity network. With Bristol’s population roughly similar to that of the city of Oaxaca, we look forwards to being inspired by what others have achieved!

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This Sunday. Films about Black liberation at Camberwell Social Centre

16-05-2007 16:42

Step Forward Youth Day of Film and Discussions - A tribute to John La Rose.

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Get Bikes Off the Roads

16-05-2007 14:16

Yep that is what the new Highway Code wants....
Consider signing this petition and spreading the word if this is not entirely anathama to your political attitudes (if you don't want to sign this then please go and do something useful in the way of Direct Action - hell why not just do both!)

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Documents expose Police corruption in Oxford

16-05-2007 11:12

Documents that have been disclosed at the trial of the SPEAK 16 have highlighted a sinister relationship that exists between law enforcement officers in Oxford and Oxford University

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David Hicks very lucky to be tortured, isolated for 5.5 years for nothing?

15-05-2007 22:45

I should be so lucky?
John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

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National Weekend of Action For Refugees / 9 events in 7 cities

15-05-2007 01:52

This weekend actions will be taking place around the country in defence of asylum rights, following a call put out by Tyneside Community Action for Refugees. It's only by working together and building opposition locally that the Labour government's war on asylum seekers will be beaten. Please make an effort to get to your nearest action and get involved. Together we are stronger!

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MOVE tour of the UK by Ramona Africa

14-05-2007 15:52

Ramona Africa (the sole adult survivor of the FBI's bombing of the MOVE house) will be touring the UK for 2 weeks to talk about the MOVE Organization, the events of May '85, the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal and what they stand for. Come to listen to her story and see the "MOVE" documentary.

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As Labour fiddles M.E. patients suffer and die

14-05-2007 15:46

25% ME Group
Government policy on ME/CFS seems determined to accept the patently flawed advice of psychiatrists of the ‘Wessely School’ that ME does not exist.

In an unprecedented action, a total of 18 UK ME/CFS charities have signed a joint statement expressing extreme concern.

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The Crime of the Century

14-05-2007 13:02

Nicholas Sarkozy, newly elected President of France is a fraud and criminal according to Lord Justice Clarke's evidence in a criminal trial in the Brussels Court of Human Rights recently.

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Fans plan Wembley boycott

14-05-2007 11:22

FOOTBALL fans are planning to boycott merchandise, food and drinks at the new Wembley stadium this weekend in protest at overpricing and ticket allocation.

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Now More Than Ever: Smash G8!

13-05-2007 22:44

Information about the International Demonstration at 2nd of June in the city Rostock in Germany and about the mobilisation to the Leftradical, Antifascist and Revolutionary Blocs in the center of Rostock.

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News and views about post-electoral unrest in France and resistance

13-05-2007 22:36

No Saucepan demos in each neighbourhoods and no “reclaim the streets with the kids, grandma and grandpa”. Not yet but a sweet, lovely wind of may is blowing, flowers of small acts, liberation of words, desires, Life, speeches and exchange, arguments and passion, reason and organization, solidarity and networking, exchange and rebellion.

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Arguments For Dismantling The U.S.-Arroyo Killing Machine In The Phillippines

13-05-2007 17:29

On this May 14 election week, the brutal Arroyo regime in the Philippines, backed by the Bush fundamentalist cabal, is facing the people's judgment for "crimes against humanity" (to quote the verdict of the Permanent People's Tribunal). This essay reflects on themes and issues surrounding the crisis of the neocolonial polity in the context of Bush's war of terror, and in the wake of barbaric, predatory globalized capital's asault on the Filipino people and the peoples of the world.

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gordon brown

13-05-2007 16:33

protests as gordon brown visits brighton.

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Deciphering Images- Advertising Cultural Debasement.

13-05-2007 08:25

The primary focus of a small piece like this would be accompanied by the
two images which I considered putting up, but everyone who is regarding
the debasement of their culture in the face of globalisation would have
an image in their mind that fulfills the picture.

My focus is usually on gender and debasement.