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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol blockaded

05-03-2005 17:59

lock on!
This article is also on UK indymedia, but I am told people can't use it so...

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Urgent!! International Support for the workers of Zanon, Argentina!

05-03-2005 07:48

Social movements around the world are watching the struggle of the Zanon workers with great interest and passionate support. This highly successful alternative to the neoliberal status quo should not be repressed or threatened: it should be celebrated, supported, and exported

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Support Argentinian workers of Zanon ocupied factory!

05-03-2005 01:04

Pleas sign this petition on support of the Argentinian workers of the ceramics occupied factory Zanon by clicking here
We need your help!!

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Islamists team up with trots to make Ken president of SOAS

04-03-2005 16:04

The SWP and a group of Islamists managed to force through a motion in SOAS student union today to make ken livingstone honourary president of SOAS.

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Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army desperately needs a LOGO !!!

04-03-2005 15:11

The clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown has set up a competition for graphic designers and friends to design them a logo !!!

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Festival of Mapping Invitation

04-03-2005 14:29

Invitation to help curate a free Festival of Maps and Mapping in and around the social centre 56a Infoshop in South London

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Resist the G8 Emplyment Ministers Meeting!

04-03-2005 13:46

Resist the G8 Employment Ministers Meeting: London 10th-11th March

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anti-gay abuse to be illegal(at last)

04-03-2005 12:45

The Gov's new Comm of Equality to oversee new laws against homophobic abuse.
Whether it will,of course,is another matter.

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(IWF) Sweated Labour: Women Workers in the Garment Trade. Forum, 12 March

04-03-2005 11:39

Organised by the Network of Oxford Women (NOW) for Justice and Peace as a contribution to the International Women's Festival, this day forum offers an agreeable venue (St Columba's Church Hall), excellent speakers and a delicious, modestly priced, buffet lunch.You can also visit NOW's exhibition on the same theme at the Museum of Oxford, just a few hundred yards away.

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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol is being Blockaded

04-03-2005 09:35

Currently in Bristol eight people are locked on in a circle of armtubes outside the main gate of coca Cola's distribution plant in Bristol. They have been there since 4.45 this morning.

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In Remembrance of Rosa Luxemburg

04-03-2005 09:18

Porém, apesar de todos os seus erros, Rosa foi e permanece sendo uma águia. E não apenas os comunistas de todo o mundo irão velar pela sua memória, porém sua biografia e suas obras completas (a publicação das quais está sendo incomensuravelmente retardada pelos comunistas alemães que podem apenas ser em parte desculpados por conta das tremendas perdas que estão sofrendo em sua severa luta) servirão como úteis manuais para o treinamento de muitas gerações de comunistas em todo o mundo.

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04-03-2005 06:40


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04-03-2005 00:18

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, Spain, and Cuba.

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The Social State is Affordable

03-03-2005 18:46

That "we" can no longer afford the social state is gossip. Thinking this gossip will end is wishful thinking. In truth, we cannot afford the prevailing financial policy. In Germany and the US, increased profits have not led to increased investments or more jobs.

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Banner Theatre's 30th Anniversary Celebration

03-03-2005 13:41

Banner Theatre
Join us in celebrating Thirty Years of Banner Theatre: 1974-2004

In Birmingham on 8-9 April 2005 Banner will be celebrating 30 years of
creating hard-hitting documentary theatre with and for community and trade
union audiences.

As you may know, Banner has based its work on key issues of our time,
ranging from fights to prevent closure and privatisation of major
industries, like coal, steel and public utilities, through to struggles
against racism, sexism and imperialism. To date the company has created over 30 major documentaries, numerous cassettes and CDs, plus hundreds of songs and street theatre productions.

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Fit Vegan Challenges Delia Smith & Norwich City FC

03-03-2005 11:55

Delia Smith
A 35-year-old vegan animal carer has challenged Delia Smith and the entire Norwich Football Team to a race to prove who has more life.This follows a recent Norwich FC function Canary Director,cook Delia Smith said, "If the entire planet became vegan, we'd die. It's not practical.”

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Liverpool Social Forum- late notice!

03-03-2005 09:50

Next LSF meeting is TOMORROW (friday)!

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Massacre in Columbia

02-03-2005 22:58

On Monday 21st February members of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado were massacred whilst in a hamlet in the countryside surrounding the community. There are multiple witness to these killings. They all state that the perpetrators were members of the Colombian Army.

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Fairtrade dinner - 9th March

02-03-2005 20:21

Join the Oxford Fairtrade Coalition for a dinner in honour of REGINA JOSEPHS, a Fairtrade banana farmer from Dominica.

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Walden Bello, Jose Maria Sison and Schisms in the Left

02-03-2005 20:19

Despite efforts by many around the world to rise above sectarianism in the face of the USA's raw imperialism, Walden Bello, a prominent critic of neo-liberalism, has launched an international distancing campaign against the Communist Party of the Philippines and the democratic sectoral movements which draw political inspiration from them. Claiming that the CPP's military wing has targeted him with a "hit list," which in fact is a mere diagram showing the international linkages of various Phillipino parties and individuals, Bello is playing a dangerous game. Included on the diagram is Bello's Akbayan parlimentary party.