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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol is being Blockaded

coke does my head in | 04.03.2005 09:35 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Currently in Bristol eight people are locked on in a circle of armtubes outside the main gate of coca Cola's distribution plant in Bristol. They have been there since 4.45 this morning.


locked the gate
locked the gate

another body
another body

armtubes and bodybags
armtubes and bodybags

Dawn rose over Bristol, and as yet no Coca Cola has left the ditribution plant since quarter to five this morning. Timed to coincide with the busy delivery hours, twenty people arrived at Coca Cola and after stalling police (free party, man!)eight locked on to each other using arm tubes. Despite below freezing conditions, and police being present from the start (although they didn't seem to want to leave their cars) it was a calm and positive atmosphere.

Cola Coca has been implicated in the deaths of nine people in Columbia - eight trade union leaders were murdered. In Kerela, India, local water supplies are undrinkable thanks to the Coke bottling plant's taking of water. Farmers have been given 'fertiliser' (in reality toxic waste Coca Cola wants to get rid of) to spread on their crops. This 'fertiliser' contains levels of toxins well above the World Health Organisation's limits, and has been proved useless as a fertiliser.

Today, in solidarity with the dead, the locked on were wrapped in body bags with the names of the dead workers printed on.
More news as it happens will be posted on indymedia.

What can you do?
Aside from blockading your local Coca Cola depot, visit these websites for more info, and more importantly, BOYCOTT COCA COLA.

coke does my head in


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