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Festival of Mapping Invitation

The Map Room (is open...) | 04.03.2005 14:29 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Invitation to help curate a free Festival of Maps and Mapping in and around the social centre 56a Infoshop in South London

The Map Room (is open…) at 56a Infoshop presents

YOU ARE HERE but why?
A Festival of Mapping – June 2005

As part of the 56a Infoshop Free Skool, the curators of the The Map Room (is open…) will present a month long festival concerning maps and mapping. We are currently inviting proposals for events during the festival.
Things already in our heads for the fest include:
Hand drawn maps, charts of chaos, utopian visions, radical history walks and talks, collective map-making, bicycle tracking, psychogeography (is class struggle), getting your hands dirty, acts of war against gentrification, social adventure, colours, collecting, alliances, passions, ancient crafts. Anything unmediated by electric technology considered.
Get in touch if you want to plan, run or curate the Festival of Mapping. All events, talks, workshops will be free to all, with no fees to anyone.

Contact Chris c/o 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St London Se17 3ae

The Map Room (is open...)
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