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Autonomous Spaces at Athens ESF 2006 -open public ephemeral zone

12-03-2006 00:53

During the first week of May 2006 the European Social Forum will take place in Athens. At the same time the open assembly for the creation of the “Autonomous Spaces” / Open Public Ephemeral Zone will use a university space in the centre of Athens and will produce an ephemeral autonomous zone that will try to bring together all the grassroots anticapitalist, autonomous and antiauthoritarian collectives, groups and movements.

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Community action only hope against anti-democratic Crossrail councillors

11-03-2006 23:38

The London EVENING STANDARD is denounced by London mayor Ken Livingstone as a crass, racist paper. In fact the hatred between Ken Livingstone and the EVENING STANDARD has been rendered unforgettable now by the Nazi jibe affair.

So where does the EVENING STANDARD ‘disagree’ with Ken Livingstone
over the Crossrail Bill ?


Not really. They are BOTH madly fanatical about Crossrail.

So much so that the EVENING STANDARD has published some rare pro-Ken Livingstone pieces in the past three years which can only have been so because both the Standard Livingstone utterly agrees on the Crossrail plan.

How come?

Because Ken Livingstone endered the interests the people affected by Big Business plan in return for ‘tolerance’ by the Blair regime. And in doing so, Livingstone has helped to discredit the office of Mayor in a more permanent way than is realised by any of the ‘mainstream commentators. Least of all by Livingstone himself.

In this discrediting of public office, the local Councils are not far behind Livingstone.

The role played by one London local Council, Tower Hamlets in London’s
East End, in allowing the Crossrail hole project to be prepared in the way that it ahs been so far as its contents affect m large parts of the community in the East End, has been the subject of ever heightening political tension in the area. With the scheduled local council elections on 4 May 2006, that role is expected e to be the cause of the loss of political Control by the Blair-loyalist Tower Hamlets Council But what will be the difference if an alliance of Opposition candidates is in a position the next tower Hamlertsncil? Will that Council make any significant will the people East be able to fend off the Crossrail attacks?

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Saving Iceland Activists visit Rossport; report, interview & photos

11-03-2006 14:27

Saving Icelanders at the Bellanaboy the gas refinery site
Four activists from the Saving Iceland campaign visited Rossport this week meet with Shell to Sea campaigners from the area and the solidarity camp.

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French filth riot against student revolt.

11-03-2006 12:56

Riot police have stormed the Sorbonne University in Paris, forcing out students who have been occupying the building since Wednesday in protest against government labour laws.

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The Real Oxford Union First Annual Address

11-03-2006 00:31

TUC Deputy General Secretary gives the first Real Oxford Union Annual Address.

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Venezuela 2006: Anarchism against all odds

10-03-2006 21:36

Our friends from abroad continuously ask us to explain our views about the current situation in Venezuela. This reply is based on two recent texts by the editing team of El Libertario, already published in their entirety in the internet (in Spanish), and from which we extract our main points.

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Little London PFI scandal - how Leeds City Council blackmailed a community

10-03-2006 20:47

Parts of Little London will now be sold off under the PFI scheme
Leeds City Council's announcement yesterday that nearly two-thirds of tenants have backed their proposed £35m PFI regeneration scheme in Little London is both expected and misleading. Here is the full story of how it happened.

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Xrail hole Bill MPs will need to be vigilant of slippery Xrail-backer

10-03-2006 20:15

The UK House of Commons hybrid draft piece of legislation, the Crossrail Bill, is being ‘scrutinised’ by a small group of MPs, collected from mainly the three ‘major’ Political Parties. The process has been overstated in its relevant capacity to alter the substantive contents of any Bill. Given that the Crossrail Bill contains monumental powers that will enable the destruction of entire communities in the East End of London, the ability – or the chances - of the MPs committee on the Crossrail Bill to make any difference must be examined against the performance of another committee which in October 2002 ‘heard evidence’ from one Michael Keith, a councillor on the East End Borough of Tower Hamlets Council. The same Michael Keith is now leader of the same council and is widely associated with the promotion of the Crossrail Bill and plan as a whole. Keith is set to be among Tower Hamlets Councillors who would enjoy the chance to appear before the Crossrail committee to make the case for the Council’s defiance of the local community. The MPs need to be much more alert and vigilant this time round then their counterparts were on Tuesday 15 October 2002.

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Shepton mallet update!!!!

10-03-2006 18:38

Still going!!

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Little London PFI Consultation Results Announced

10-03-2006 17:37

After months of so-called "consultation events", Leeds City Council has taken the somewhat surprising step of releasing the results as if they were a "ballot" of Little London tenants. As expected, they have managed to con enough people to support their gentrification plans.

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Youth Against Heavy Industry invade offices of Icelandic National Power Compnay

10-03-2006 14:23

The Reykjavík offices of the much loathed Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic National Power Company, were gatecrashed yesterday by over thirty angry young people who banged drums, shouted and blew whistles in defiance against Landsvirkjun, heavy industry and ecocidal dams in the Icelandic highlands.

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France: Hundreds of thousands fight attacks on young workers

10-03-2006 13:46

France has been hit with a wave of strikes, marches and university occupations in recent days as workers, students and young people fight a new legal state assault on employment rights

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Glowing in the Dark

10-03-2006 13:24

The prospect of Iran developing a nuclear capability (which would realistically entail at least a five-year time frame) did not prevent John Bolton, US representative to the UN, stating that a “painful” response would be inflicted on Iran if it failed to comply with UN (American) dictates! Questions of the UN’s independence aside, is the focus on Iran a distraction from the debacle that is Iraq or is the USA following their PNAC strategy with little regard for consequences?

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France: Students mobilise against the CPE

10-03-2006 13:13

In France, students mobilise against the CPE: All together in the struggle against capitalism! University and high-school students, future unemployed, future part-time or temporary workers: All together in the struggle against capitalism!

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Paris: Sorbonne is occupied

10-03-2006 12:09

Since yesterday evening, the legendary university Sorbonne in the Latin
Quarter of Paris is occupied. Even though the CRS (French Riot Police)
was present, the occupation could be held throughout the night...A new
chance for social change?

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Khoodeelaar! reports on Blair plot to 'involve' victims of Xrail hole in attack

10-03-2006 09:43

While UK Prime Minister Tony Blair seems destined to go down as the holder of the 'highest political office in the land' who most disgraced that office by his contempt for 'the constitution' and in abusing the democratic associations with that election-linked office of Prime Minister [the Prime Minister is NOT elected in the UK, yet, contrary to the overwhelmingly banal assertors in the media that it is] , the legacy he is likely to leave behind for the denegation of parts of the UK inner cities will linger even longer than the Daily Mail-type headlines about his sleazy regime. That Blair is bent on letting Big Business defile the East End under the cover of Crossrail is seen in his administration’s frequent appearances in the Brick Lane area, pleading with the community for 'cooperation' with the Crossrail hole programme of destruction of the very same community! These EXCLUSIVELY written Khoodeelaaronline items are linked with the way that the CROSSRAIL hole attacks on the East End have been conceived and are being pushed against the community

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Trumped Up Dismissal Rejected By Tribunal

10-03-2006 01:04

A trumped up charge of insubordination and abusive and threatening behaviour was used to dismiss a longstanding employee. The union refused to defend its member.
WorkRep took the case to the Manchester Employment Tribunal.

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april 15 2006 let's do it ... protest + teknival strasbourg

09-03-2006 23:14

the protest against police repression at czechtek and oppression of alternatibe culture generally in fortress is back on ...
april 15 strasbourg france ...
a march to the european parliament followed by a teknival ..better be there for this one!!

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Life without Water? public meeting

09-03-2006 20:39

22nd March is World Water Day and the World Water Forum (WWF), (private sector think tank) is being held in Mexico City.

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09-03-2006 15:41

For anyone who has heard something about the prisoners arrested on 4th February in Barcelona but is unclear on the details, here's the story. If it's unfamiliar, you too should read on. This a story of overt police repression in Europe. If we don't resist, we'll be next...