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W Goes Home

29-02-2004 03:52

I wanted to share with you some of the efforts by Americans to defeat George Bush in 2004! This is a song by a band of Citizens called W. Goes Home. It is a hopeful look towards the future.

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Resistance ! (over ground under ground!)

28-02-2004 20:52

'doin it @ blackwood
Direct Action. You know it. Get together with a couple of mates and get down there!

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BNP targets Howard's seat.

28-02-2004 13:48

Unsurprisingly the BNP is now targetting Michael Howard's constituancy.

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Creating a Genuine Policing System

28-02-2004 13:12

We know that the yobs are not genuine policemen. This is the time when we have the best cahnce of inventing and implememnting a genuine policing system, (one of whose functions will be to defend honest citizens from the paramilitaries) so here are some ideas which are being distributed to a number of concerned bodies and might be followed up over the next months and years.

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Burlington's Oil Projects Vs. Indigenous Communities and Rainforest Protection

27-02-2004 22:30

Burlington Resources, a Houston-based oil company, has plans to explore for oil in three highly controversial oil concessions in remote Amazon regions of Ecuador. These concessions were carved out of the traditional territories of four indigenous nations--the Shuar, Achuar, Kichwa, and Zapara--without their consultation or consent.

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27-02-2004 20:11


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Resistance in Swansea University

27-02-2004 16:54

Students and staff at Swansea University are resisting a proposal by the Vice Chancellor to close down 5 departments at the university, introduce variable top-up fees and cut local bursaries and grants. Amongst other direct action, a protest has been called for the 10th of march when the university senate meeting will take place where the decisions will be made. If these proposals go ahead, this will represent the corporate takeover of our higher education system, further polarising the gap between rich and poor students, creating a two tier education system, part of the broader neo-liberal agenda.

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North West Fascism

27-02-2004 13:42

Is Fascism on the rise, and if so what are you going to do about it? Reflections on the horrific election results last night in Heysham, Lancaster......

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Clare Short. I Salute You!

27-02-2004 12:59

All Power to The Whistle Blowers

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Meeting on Colombia in Oxford

27-02-2004 11:27

Public Meeting on Colombia, 'Undoubtedly the most dangerous place in the
world to be a trade unionist'
Monday 1 March, 7.30 pm, Oxford Town Hall

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International Women's Day Events Honour Women of Palestine

27-02-2004 11:15

Events for International Women's Day, from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We invite a global exchange of solidarity message for Palestinian women between women's groups, individuals, and solidarity groups everywhere! If you would like to send a message to be read out on March 6 in London please feel welcome.

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China Labour Action Express No. 43

27-02-2004 11:00

Peaceful village election meeting broken up by more than 30 armed police in Dazhu Village, Ningbo, China

Published by China Labour Bulletin
P.O. Box 11362, General Post Office, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2359 4324 Tel: (852) 2780 2187 Email:

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27-02-2004 08:52

Freedom to choose denied

Recently members of staff at the University of Leeds have been informed that ethical concerns about companies will not be considered a valid reason for not choosing to buy goods off particular suppliers. When one purchasing office was asked to clarify their position on this issue they said that they were “...not free to pick and choose suppliers based on factors not deemed by the 'University' or its auditors to be valid justification of choice.”

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Liberal alternative to Drudge launches...

26-02-2004 21:36

A team of fresh-out-of-college progessives have teamed up to launch the liberal alternative to Drudge: The Raw Story (

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Cambridge AUT & CUSU pickets and protests

26-02-2004 16:24

Video from the Cambridge AUT picket, strike, and CUSU rally against top-up fees (25 Feb 2004). Some background and interviews (7.37min, 5.44Mb).

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From Latuff to Bryan Atinsky

26-02-2004 05:12

Bryan Atinsky
Tribute to a brave man.

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CyberMarxist Web Site is Back, New & Improved!

26-02-2004 04:41

Return of Noted cyberMarxist Web Site

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Brukman films screened in Burngreave

26-02-2004 00:41

A successful screening of short films about the struggles around the Brukman clothing factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina took place in Burngreave this evening.

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25-02-2004 22:46

Essex students occupy and shut down office of Ivor Crew, top fees proponent! Staff strike stays solid! Resistance growing to market forces destroying education!

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Working Class Community Action - Against threatened Post Office closures...

25-02-2004 21:13

SLP activists Pat Goodwin along with West Derby CSLP secretary, Kai Andersen, went out to collect signatures on Communication Workers Union (CWU) petitions opposing the threatened closure of local post offices in Liverpool. We spent a couple of hours outside Old Swan Post Office mid day Tuesday 24th February and outside the Town Row Post Office in West Derby mid day Wednesday 25th, in total 18 post offices are under threat see the list below. The petitions were quickly filled in on what were two bitterly cold days.