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Resistance ! (over ground under ground!)

easy as Abc | 28.02.2004 20:52 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Direct Action. You know it. Get together with a couple of mates and get down there!

'doin it @ blackwood
'doin it @ blackwood

If you've never been on an ecological defence then camp get down to one of them now.
It's not difficult to help out. There are so many tasks that need doing.
Even if it's just helping to film or photograph security.

It's a very different experience to being surrounded by police as soon as you try and do a demo in the streets.

You can see the immediate results of your actions.

From climate change to neoliberal capitalism, it's all about stopping the bastards trashing our planet and our lives.

It may be cold now, but the warmth of people working together will keep you warm.

ps The pic is from Blackwood last week.

pps Hi to all resisting evictions in the cities! If you lose then come to the country for a working holiday :-)

easy as Abc


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