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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Protest against March4Sharia and the EDL in London - this Saturday!

29-10-2009 14:27


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4 arrests at Astrazeneca in Luton

29-10-2009 13:21

The arrests where made at 3:35 yesterday afternoon during protest against Astrazeneca use of animals. All who where arrest have know been released

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Lies of Merseyside BNP shatter at anti-fascist trial

29-10-2009 13:18

On April 23rd, Peter Tierney and Steve Greenhalgh of the Merseyside BNP were among the thugs who attacked antifascist leafleters in Liverpool City Centre. Despite their claims of self-defence, assault charges against their chosen anti-fascist fall guy were dropped months ago as utterly untenable. Today, at the antifascist's trial, even the flimst criminal damage charges would not stick.

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Day of the Dead Samhain Celebration REEL NEWS Benefit Sat 31 Oct Brum

28-10-2009 20:43

All proceeds to REEL NEWS
Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles - not just in this country, but across the world. Initially we are doing this through producing a monthly newsreel, made up of a number of videos short enough to use in union and campaign meetings.

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Climate Emergency Copenhagen London Public Forum @ South Camden Community School

28-10-2009 18:01

There will be a Climate Emergency Copenhagen London Public Forum meeting at South Camden Community School, Charrington Street, Camden, London N1 on 7th November 2009 12 noon - 6pm. The meeting is held by Campaign Against Climate Change There will be break out workshops with Biofuelwatch, CCC Trade Union Group and more.

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D*I Radio: David Graeber Direct Action Book Launch

28-10-2009 16:49

Dissident Island
Dissident Island Radio presents...
A live broadcast panel discussion on direct action, anarchism and contemporary radical social struggle...
Taking place at LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, starting at 7pm with music from 9pm till 11pm.

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Climate Business conference blockaded, Brussels. Arrests etc.

28-10-2009 15:23

For over one and a half hours, hundreds of corporate lobbyists wishing
to attend the annual Business Europe conference were prevented from
entering the Charlemagne building in Brussels this morning.

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28-10-2009 11:56

Promo poster
The Sonic/Space Rock fraternity stands solid against racism..... an awareness event in conjunction with Sheffield UAF

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Emancipation, Anti-Fascism & Animal Liberation

28-10-2009 11:06

After a recent article, (seemingly now either hidden or deleted from the Newswire), which quite rightly provoked a debate about racism, fascism and other forms of arbitrary discrimination in the Animal Rights movement.

However, the original article appeared to have been pubished by a troll attempting to discredit the AR movement, (hence why it is no longer on the Newswire), so I thought it appropriate to reopen the debate by providing a proper incite into fascism and the AR movement, as well as introducing the "Animal Liberation Hallmarks" project which was created in attempt to resist fascist infiltration of our movement and to allow groups to make a clear statement about their emancipatory status:--

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Attack to a Police Station in ATHENS with kalashnikovs few hours ago

28-10-2009 05:24

the 600.000 euro reward for the 3 "terrorists"
Only one day after the wanted and 600.000 euros reward issued ( FOTO) and the attack to the Police station happened.. >>

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Go-ahead to Farnborough Airport to double the number of flights

27-10-2009 16:40

The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is minded to approve a doubling of flights at Farnborough Airport!

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LSE Students Disrupt Israeli Foreign Minister Lecture

26-10-2009 21:40

Students and activists protested and disrupted a lecture tonight at the London School of Economics (LSE) by Daniel Ayalon, the controversial Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel.

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DECEMBER SEEDS - a greek short film

26-10-2009 20:39

An interesting short film for the revolt in Athens Greece December 2008.

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Unlock the Camps- demonstration for Sri Lanka

26-10-2009 19:14

Demonstration for Sri Lanka, Market Square, Cambridge
Cambridge calls for the release of a quarter of a million people from de facto detention camps in Sri Lanka.

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The happiest people in the world?

26-10-2009 14:12

In a Oprah show regarding Denmark and the Danish society from October 2009, the Danes is presented as the “the most happy people in the world”! In the 20 minutes show reel the Danish society is presented as an almost paradise on earth.

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'Do you want to die?': environmental activists at risk

26-10-2009 12:14

Recent abductions and threats against activists trying to prevent logging in South-East Asia are part of a worrying trend of violence against those exposing environmental issues

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YouGov defrauded in BNP poll sting

26-10-2009 09:28

YouGov - being conned by the BNP