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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Bristol: Can't pay, won't pay - from poll tax struggles to resisting recession

19-04-2009 17:17

event flyer
As the impact of the capitalist crisis kicks in and more and more of us are adversely affected - growing debt, loss of jobs and homes, unable to keep paying our inflated bills etc - we ask what can we do to resist? Many people have no experience of mass campaigns by working class people, and for many older comrades such campaigns are a distant memory! This event is intended to help us learn from recent history and kickstart the debate how how we resist the most recent attacks on us.

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European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process

19-04-2009 13:00


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Register for the Anarchist Movement Conference 2009

19-04-2009 10:16

Inital leaflet
Anarchist Movement Conference 2009 will happen at Queen Mary & Westfield College on Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 7th, 2009. The space will include 20 rooms and a large hall as well as a creche for both days. It is a chance to put our ideas on the table and rebuild ourselves. The barriers that exist need to be broken down, the experiences and ideas of those involved in anarchist politics need to be shared, discussed, critiqued and debated. The task is urgent, practical and necessary - are we as a movement mature enough to face the challenge?

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Statement of solidarity with the Nottingham 114

19-04-2009 09:53

If the 114 climate campaigners who were arrested in Nottingham on 13.4.09
had been planning to shut down a coal-fired power station, we support them
wholeheartedly. Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels and if we are to
fight climate change we need to kick our addiction to it - and all of them
- now. Direct action of the sort that breaks laws to prevent the
terrifying impacts spelt out in worst-case climate change scenarios is
absolutely necessary.

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So what has changed, the police, the media or the evidence?

19-04-2009 06:25

Almost since it began our police force have been injuring and sometimes killing citizens with batons and other forms of violence.

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Banned in the UK! How the Home Office “Protects the Public Good”

18-04-2009 22:12

By its own newly minted legal definitions, the UK had the right to ban me, but it is the right of a closed society, capitalist killing machine, and police state psychologically and economically threatened by animal rights.

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Snapshots of a divided society

18-04-2009 11:51

Class in Britain's elite professions
New reports published this week show that social mobility has fallen over the last 50 years, and that class divisions remain entrenched.

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Smash The Kirkdale BNP.

18-04-2009 10:44

The prospective BNP councillor Steven Greenhalgh has included his mobile number and email address in his latest mailshot.

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Return of the Luddites

18-04-2009 08:41

In fifteen months at the beginning of the second decade of the 19th century a movement of craft workers and their supporters declared war on the then emerging industrial society. The movement spread across the Northern counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It smashed thousands of machines, looted markets, burned down factories and spread hope of a way out of the bleak future being offered by state and industries. It was a movement that, in the words of the late radical historian E.P. Thompson; "in sheer insurrectionary fury has rarely been more widespread in English History,".

Towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century nearly 200 years later, a new age of Luddites return with an insurrection in México. Over a hundred phone booths of multinational exploiter and bullfight sponser Telmex have been sabotaged using cutters, paint, glue and fire. The Luddites are showing resistance to anthropocentrism (human supremacy), civilization and the domestication of wild nature, using radical methods of sabotage for animal and earth liberation.

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SHAC supporter arrested at Barclays demo

18-04-2009 00:38

Demo starts like any other
Passers by join in with protest despite police shenanigans while trying to make up the 'law' as they go along...

We held another demonstration today against Barclays in Birmingham City Centre for their blood-money investments into the filthy Huntingdon Life Sciences.

A riot van was also on the scene, and one of the supporting teens was unlawfully arrested - in an attempt to scare the newly aware bunch away.

Video of arrest

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Bath Bomb #21 Out Now

17-04-2009 18:58

The latest issue of Bath's monthly radical diatribes, fresh from the bloodstained streets and horse dung of Londinium...

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London Mayday - Convicts Party - Bank Of England

17-04-2009 17:19

Mayday 2009 Flyer


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Police Violence in Berlin Endangers Life

17-04-2009 17:02

More police violence in Berlin

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Dissident Island Radio Show - Tonight!! 9pm

17-04-2009 16:25

impunity indeed...
On the show - lots of anti-militarist campaign updated info and more...

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Police intimidation - Southampton animal rights

17-04-2009 15:57

Police in Southampton have aproached and advised local venue The Hobbit Pub that hosting so called 'meetings' between animal rights activists/hunt sabs will land them in deep shit with the law should something unlawful occur in the field/demos/actions.

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Bath, 24th - 26th of April - Weekend of Rage!

17-04-2009 14:00

Far too sleepy and sophisticated for a whole summer of rage, Bath Activist Network are kicking off the sunny season with a weekend of rage - 2 demos over 3 days. Support would be much appreciated.

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Conference 09 Benefit Night - Saturday May 9th

17-04-2009 13:01

Benefit night to raise money for the forthcoming Anarchist Movement Conference to be held in London in June.

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Urgent appeal from Iraqi LGBT

17-04-2009 11:27

URGENT - Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT

Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT This is an urgent appeal for donation to all our friends and supporters all around the world to help us with our new campaign and demonstration and to continue the fight for lgbt rights in Iraq

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Erfurt, Germany: Squat Eviction

17-04-2009 08:51

Video of the eviction of the squatted areas in Erfurt, Germany
Translation from German

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Trotsky's ashes stolen and baked in cookies

17-04-2009 02:31

Them cookies
Eighty eight years of the day Trotsky directed the suppression of the anarchist uprising in Krondstadt, a group of bandits scaled the walls of his former house in Mexico City during the late hours at night.