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Bath, 24th - 26th of April - Weekend of Rage!

Matt Banning | 17.04.2009 14:00 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Far too sleepy and sophisticated for a whole summer of rage, Bath Activist Network are kicking off the sunny season with a weekend of rage - 2 demos over 3 days. Support would be much appreciated.

Proceedings kick off on the Friday with -

*Friday 24th April - Visteon solidarity picket - 5.30pm-7pm - meet at Ford garage on Lower Bristol road (opposite Bath Press)

Demo to support the sacked visteon/ford factory workers made redundant without any back pay, redundancy pay or notice. There is a strong (and growing) campaign to fight for justice for the Visteon/ford workers. This struggle has huge implications for workers rights/struggle across the UK.

On saturday, BAN are splitting their energies between the World day for lab animals in London ( and casual, football related holliganism, then back to bath on the Sunday for -

*Sunday 26th April - anti-police brutality demo - meet at midday outside Bath Spa train station

To demand justice for Ian Tomlinson (paper seller murdered by cops at G20), and to demand an end to police brutality and inhumane police tactics such as kettling, mass arrests and beatings.

For any more information, or to get involved with BAN, contact us at, or chack out

Support on these demos from the South West and beyond would be warmly mentioned!

Matt Banning
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