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Police Violence in Berlin Endangers Life

feminist Copeater (TRANS) | 17.04.2009 17:02 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

More police violence in Berlin

Today (Apr. 17th 2009), at around 1:20 pm, Berlin Police entered the court of Liegbig 34 [a house project in the Berlin neighbourhood of Frederichshain]. Just 2 days prior, they entered the house door and the staircase of Liebig 14 [another house project nearby] without legal authorization. The people at who were at the door of Leibig 34 when the police entered immediately demanded that the Police leave the premises because it was private property and they didn’t have legal right to enter. Nonetheless, they proceeded to take a lot of pictures of the court, before they finally left. They got into the police car, and began to take photos using a private camera of the people at the door. Since this is illegal, one person demanded the badge number of the officers. They laughed at the person openly and drove away. The person, though, still had his/her arm inside the car’s side window, since the police officer closed the window on the person’s arm before driving on. The person was forced to run alongside the car. After the person screamed numerous times that his/her life was being put in danger, did they lower the window allowing the person to pull the arm out.

In order to cover-up their illegal behavior, a human life was used as object of fun. The person demanded their badge numbers of the coppers who put this person’s life in danger. The police then got out of the car and put on their gloves. The person noted the license plate (B 7413) and disappeared into the house in order to contact a lawyer.

The Police then approached the house, where upon the people in the inside began to secure the door. When the cops realized this, they rammed the door. Another person tried to block their way, and was met from close rage by Billy clubs direct on the head. The cops then used up the entire bottle of pepper spray from a distance of about 5 cm.

In the meantime, the house door was successfully blocked, such that the police could not enter the house. They called for backup, but since they could not take responsibility for their behavior, they were forced to leave.

This example highlights how the police, in regards to the area so-called “Dorfplatz” (“Idiot Place”), are not able to separate their private feelings of hate and frustration from their office. This poses a huge danger. As one can see, they have no compunction playing with one person’s life.

A direct line can be drawn between what happened today and Berlin’s ruling political establishment. They want to ban from Berlin’s streets any sort of modes of living that don’t mesh with bourgeois norms and consumerist practices. In pursuing this goal, Berlin’s city officials are ready to invest enormous resources in deploying the Police. As one can see, this sick obsession can go so for as to risk a person’s life.

In order to ensure necessary mass support for their behavior, the mass media will work together with them. Lies will be told, about burning pieces of wood in one shopping cart becoming burning street barricades. And all this to justify the necessity of police deployment and its enormous costs.

We see through your little games!

Idiot Place will stay filthy!


feminist Copeater (TRANS)


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