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Statement of solidarity with the Nottingham 114

A riser | 19.04.2009 09:53 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles

If the 114 climate campaigners who were arrested in Nottingham on 13.4.09
had been planning to shut down a coal-fired power station, we support them
wholeheartedly. Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels and if we are to
fight climate change we need to kick our addiction to it - and all of them
- now. Direct action of the sort that breaks laws to prevent the
terrifying impacts spelt out in worst-case climate change scenarios is
absolutely necessary.

Also, the coal industry is responsible for appalling working conditions
and poor quality of life for coal-producing communities across the world,
which we have to resist.

We wish the 114 well, and stand with them in what must be difficult times
for them personally at the moment.

Love and climate justice,

Rising Tide UK

A riser
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