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Urgent appeal from Iraqi LGBT

appealer | 17.04.2009 11:27 | Iraq | Repression | Social Struggles | World

URGENT - Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT

Dear Friends and Donors of Iraqi LGBT This is an urgent appeal for donation to all our friends and supporters all around the world to help us with our new campaign and demonstration and to continue the fight for lgbt rights in Iraq

Donations helps activist inside Iraq to continue monitoring, reporting the situation for our lgbt community all over Iraq .

With over 24 activists around the Iraq putting their lives at risk to help, support the lgbt rights movements.

We need to pay for their phone calls, transportation, and accommodation and food.

Thank you for your support and kindly ask that you pass the word around that if anyone wishes to make a donation to help Iraqi LGBT in its work to maintain safe houses and work that we coordinate from London .

You can choose to use the paypal method, our paypal email address is or you send a check in GBP no other currencies please payable to (Iraqi Lgbt) and send it to:

Iraqi Lgbt

22 Notting Hill Gate

Unit 111

London, W11 3JE

United Kingdom

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CC Ali Hili - Iraqi Lgbt
22 Notting Hill Gate
Unit # 111
London , W11 3JE
United Kingdom
Mob: ++44 798 1959 453
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