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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tamil Protest still going strong

07-04-2009 09:49

Protestors against lack of British support for the Tamil people and the recent offensive by the Sri Lankan Government against them continue into a second day.

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Direct Action; Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, France, Spain & Italy

06-04-2009 22:44

3rd-6th April


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Activist Tat Training Session 8th and 9th May

06-04-2009 22:41

Come and get skilled up, learn practical skills for putting on large scale convergences and find out more about the Activist Tat Collective!! 8th May-9th May, Nottingham, email for more info.

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Stop kettling sign this petition every little helps.

06-04-2009 21:08

The "Kettle" is best known for having been used in the May Day protests at Oxford Circus in 2001, after which it became the subject of a civil action, brought by one of those contained and only finally resolved by the law lords (in the police's favour) in January this year.

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Milan Italy 5 april 2009 Antifascists keep control

06-04-2009 19:41

The central square "piazza missori" [comparable for example with muntplein in amsterdam] for 6 hours completed isolated and surrounded by more than 1000 riot policemen: at the square fascists from whole europe -as france, italy, hungary, england, and so on- gathered for a meeting in Hotel Cavalieri [owned by a wellknown fascist]. There were just 200-300 of the scum...

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Visteon Occupation - A fight for justice

06-04-2009 02:10

Interviews with Enfield workers April 4 2009

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BNP deputy leader addresses international fascist rally

06-04-2009 01:23

Simon Darby-Deputy Leader of BNP Greeted by fascist salutes in Milan
The deputy leader of the British National Party has spoken at an international fascist rally alongside a man convicted of a terrorism offence and a convicted Holocaust denier.

Simon Darby claims he addressed a 400-strong audience in Milan today (5 April)

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Camden_Lab Reminder for meeting this Tuesday in Kings Cross.

05-04-2009 23:01

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Kings Cross alongside St Pancras International. The threat of virus leak is very real and this is the issue that affects and worries most people. Foot and mouth disease was leaked from govt facility Pirbright in Surrey. We are holding a meeting regarding this on Tuesday, 7th April, 6pm, at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1.

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G20 Convergence - Kidspace

05-04-2009 21:14

Here are some photos of the kidspace and childcare cooperative that was organised to facilitate the protest and activism of parents and carers around the G20 summit in London on the 1st and 2nd of April 2009.

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Inside the Visteon occupation.

05-04-2009 16:01

One the roof.
These pics were shot a few days ago.

The workers at Visteon are a truly courageous bunch of people whom have never done anything like this before so they deserve EVERYONES support. They were sacked at six minutes notice. The night shift were sacked by phone. Please raise money or take them some food and drink.

The address is easy to find the nearest station is rectory road.

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European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process

05-04-2009 15:56

European call for a counter summit in Louvain against the Bologna process
28th and 29th of April, Louvain, Belgium

“The worst enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge”

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Witnesseses of Ian Tomlinson's brutal murder come forward

05-04-2009 13:45

An article in today's Observer newspaper states that the "police assaulted bystander who died in G20 protests". Three independent witnesses have come forward with corroborative statements telling how he was violently assaulted.

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Visteon Occupation News and Website.

05-04-2009 11:35

A website for the Visteon occupations ( is now up and running. The dispute continues and the support and organisation behind the worker's action is gathering pace.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 4

04-04-2009 22:35

Poetry in motion...
The fourth and final part of this rather epic photo diary of the 2009 Climate Camp and G20 protests in London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 3

04-04-2009 22:12

Antisocial Climbers!
Third part of my pictorial diary of Climate Camp and G20 protests in The City of London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 2

04-04-2009 21:51

Note the leaf, I didn't place it, it just happened that way.
Second part of my pictorial diary of the G20 protests, mainly showing Climate Camp in The City of London.

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G20 Protest Pictures, part 1

04-04-2009 21:28

Shocking Exclusive: Man waves Fist at Protestors!!
On Wednesday of this week, in the belly of the beast, known as The City of London, normally a place purely for the generation of wealth witnessed an amazing transformation when thousands of protestors descended upon it's streets and occupied them for a brief flowering of human potential beyond the dysfunctional confines of what we laughingly know as global capitalism.

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Anti NATO Demo in strasburg - photo report

04-04-2009 21:18

Over 40,000 people demonstrated today against NATO and their actions around the globe.

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Enfield Occupation Supporters - Dates for your Diary

04-04-2009 20:34

For supporters of the Enfield Occupations - Important dates for your diary in the coming week.

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Solidarity with occupying workers at Visteon

04-04-2009 20:09

An Enterprise of Ford Motor Company Limited
Several hundred people turned up at Visteon in Enfield today (Sat 4 April, 2009) to show solidarity with the sacked workers who are occupying the factory demanding that the Visteon and The Ford Motor Company meet their moral obligations.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.