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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tea Party lives on

13-05-2007 08:15

Basta etc

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NETCU, they said it.

12-05-2007 16:24

A review of NETCU’s web site

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Peel Holdings Vs Democracy

12-05-2007 10:53

Peel Holdings, owners of Mersey Docks reveal their anti-democratic and secretive ways.

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Scotland’s May 2007 Election Fiasco

11-05-2007 13:45

Rejected Ballots led to a Night of Confusion and a Dubious Election Result
Are we seeing a para-political coup against Scottish democracy?

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!! G 8 BREAKING NEWS !! police declares protest march on june 7th illegal

11-05-2007 12:24

Incredible! As reported today on indymedia Germany a spokesman of the Einsatzleitung of the police declared the planned international anti-G 8 protest march in Rostock on june the 7th for illegal and forbidden!

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BNP Lose Another Councillor

11-05-2007 10:32

It appears that Mark Leat the Longton North BNP councillor on Stoke Council has jumped ship.

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This struggle is not over, it has just begun...

10-05-2007 20:25

Free the Cuban Five!
Worldwide demonstrations against the terrorist Posada more important than ever!

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University halts BNP speech plan

10-05-2007 18:37

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been blocked from making a speech at a university meeting amid fears over security.

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No G8 Demonstratio in Vienna: Stop the Raids!

10-05-2007 16:11

On May 10, 2007 a spontaneous demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria. Some 150 people met around 4pm at Schwarzenbergplatz and marched to the nearby German Ambessay to protest against the repression against the anti-g8 movement in Germany and the eviction of the Köpi, a squatted autonomous center in Berlin.

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German Consulate Attacked!the messanger

10-05-2007 12:04

Copied from Indymedia Scotland:

As a show of solidarity with the victims of police repression in Germany, the German Consulate in Edinburgh has been redecorated in lovely yellow.

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Nazi to speak at Bath University

10-05-2007 09:59

Nazi to speak at Bath University

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the police raids and the kids riot (Hamburg, may 9th, 2007)

10-05-2007 09:21

Riots in Hamburg after a demonstration against the police repression in Germany.

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Mumia Abu-Jamal – protest at US Embassy 17 May

10-05-2007 07:38

Protest at the US Embassy in London on Thursday 17 May to support Mumia Abu-Jamal a political activist on death row. Mumia is innocent!

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Al Jazeera on Shell and Ireland case

10-05-2007 00:28

Here is a link to a new film for Al Jazeera about the farmers in Mayo who are fighting Shell's plans to build a gas pipe over the land.

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Occupation of Paris Tolbiac: Anti-sarkozy action spreads and deepens.

09-05-2007 19:33

This afternoon at a general assembly between six and eight hundred students at Paris Tolbiac voted in an indefinite strike and occupation in opposition to Sarkozy's planned education reforms.

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Nobody's victory rally at the Welsh Assembly

09-05-2007 17:54

Here's a video of the victory rally outside the senedd after Nobody got 56.3% of the vote in the recent Welsh assembly elections

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Demonstration Friday 11 6pm London: Against The G8 and Police Repression

09-05-2007 14:36

This morning (Wednesday May 9th) police raided about 40 buildings in Germany, including several social centres and private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider . Police forces searched the "Rote Flora" in Hamburg as well as parts of the "Bethanien" in Berlin. Both places are planning to be decentralised convergence centres for the G8 protests of early June.

We want to show solidarity with the German movement and express our right to protest against the upcoming G8 in June. We want to defy police repression and show we are not intimidated by it!

Friday May 11, 6pm
Kempinski Courthouse Hotel
19-21 Great Marlborough St, London, W1F 7HT

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Iraqi infant mortality soars by 150 percent—a damning revelation of US war crime

09-05-2007 07:38

US-backed sanctions killed 500,000 Iraqi children
“A child in the poorest fifth of a population is more than twice as likely to die compared to a child from the richest fifth,” the study finds. “Eliminating health-care inequities—and bringing mortality rates among the poorest 80 percent of the population down to those prevailing among the richest 20 percent—would prevent about 4 million of the 10 million deaths each year.”

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Newcastle Refugees Join Yarls Wood Hunger Strike - Solidarity Protest Newcastle

09-05-2007 00:42

Families from Newcastle are on hunger strike today as they await deportation in Yarls Wood Immigration Detention Centre. 200 women who began a protest last Thursday against new punitive measures – including confiscation of mobile phones and lock-in from 7pm-7am – were joined on Tuesday by another 100 families, including members of Tyneside Community Action for Refugees.

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Notes from the last London G8 meeting

08-05-2007 23:02

There was a meeting last week. Here are some notes from it.