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!! G 8 BREAKING NEWS !! police declares protest march on june 7th illegal

no G 8 ! | 11.05.2007 12:24 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Incredible! As reported today on indymedia Germany a spokesman of the Einsatzleitung of the police declared the planned international anti-G 8 protest march in Rostock on june the 7th for illegal and forbidden!

The protest march was planned that way: many marches from Bad Doberan, Kühlungsborn, Nienhagen, Kröpelin unite in Heiligendamm to one march.

Police yesterday said these marches have to be cancelled completely because they could make it impossible for police and for first aid to act freely.

Organisations and members of the german anti-G 8 movement will go to court to fight for their right to protest.

German conservative press, like Focus and Die Welt came up with all sort of lies: a journalist with the pseudonym hal wrote that left-winged terrorists would threaten to execute G 8 members:

And more repression: minister Schäuble plans, with the help of old 3rd Reich laws, pre-emtive arrests.,1518,482291,00.html

no G 8 !