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Demonstration Friday 11 6pm London: Against The G8 and Police Repression

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This morning (Wednesday May 9th) police raided about 40 buildings in Germany, including several social centres and private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider . Police forces searched the "Rote Flora" in Hamburg as well as parts of the "Bethanien" in Berlin. Both places are planning to be decentralised convergence centres for the G8 protests of early June.

We want to show solidarity with the German movement and express our right to protest against the upcoming G8 in June. We want to defy police repression and show we are not intimidated by it!

Friday May 11, 6pm
Kempinski Courthouse Hotel
19-21 Great Marlborough St, London, W1F 7HT

The German police have used a law on suspicion of terrorism (the so-called section "129a") to raid and search private homes and social centres all over Germany. Police's motives appear to be suspicion of "building a terrorist network to prevent the G8 from happening". Obviously the mobilisation against the G8 is building up and authorities are getting more and more nervous. Dozens of computers have been seized during the raids. Police also raided the site of the German alternative internet provider with the intention to seize the email data on their servers. The website, one of the main pages of the mobilisation against the G8, was temporarily not accessible due to the raids.

Why at Kempinski London?

Kempinski is the Hotel Group which hosts the G8 Summit in 2007. Kempinski has privatised large parts of the village of Heiligendamm, as well as beaches around it. Heiligendamm is the town in northern Germany where this year's G8 summit will take place. Bacause of this, the whole area around the town is fast becoming a no-go area even for the local people.

By choosing the symbolic site of the Kempinski Hotel in London we will protest against the upcoming G8 in Germany and the capitalist system it represents.

Location: Google Maps
See you at Kempinski this Friday in London, and in June at Kempinski in Germany!

Info here at also see for G8 infos.

by people almost on the way to the G8 ... ;)



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  1. nice idea — dr.who
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