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Occupation of Paris Tolbiac: Anti-sarkozy action spreads and deepens.

geist? | 09.05.2007 19:33 | French CPE uprising 2006 | History | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

This afternoon at a general assembly between six and eight hundred students at Paris Tolbiac voted in an indefinite strike and occupation in opposition to Sarkozy's planned education reforms.

Over the next two days AGs have been declared at many major French universities - Roeun, Nanterre, Toulouse and so on. In the streets, meanwhile, Paris has seen two nights of rioting with a third expected tonight (TVs on for the evening news, chaps - or youtube in the morning, "emeute" is French for riot if that's any help) kicking off at 1930.

It's impossible to tell, for now, whether this is only a 'golden hello' which will soon fall away, to resurface in particular struggles over the coming period, or a crisis that might generalise. The former seems most likely but these next four years (and the next four days) seem likely to be very interesting indeed. Time to work up that rusty French, everyone!

(those already possessing capable french will have a whale of a time over at Indymedia Ile de France...)



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