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Peel Holdings Vs Democracy

AD | 12.05.2007 10:53 | Free Spaces | History | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Peel Holdings, owners of Mersey Docks reveal their anti-democratic and secretive ways.

Lindsey Ashworth, Peel Director reveals in 'Vision' the rag that means business- available at most corporate shit holes around town, that Peels' plans for Liverpool Docks can not be allowed to fall due to the objections of local people.

" The system (planning process) is not set up to deliver projects like this and allowing individual objectors to speak up and slow the process is of no use."

Suggesting the setting up of an agency to side step planning problems.

The Projects refered to are - yes you guessed it- Apartments- 23,000 of them- and we all know how much the city needs these!!

In truth asset inflation modules- created to take up space and create false scarcity in the housing market- Peel don't do family accommodation- no- 'cos families need things like schools and health centres- fact is Peel don't do people- Peel do empty spaces- it's more profitable- in truth it represents the capitalist squatting of city (working class) land.

pick up a copy of Vision and see how shit their vision really is- Vision masquerades as an independent journal but its articles aren't cited and is in truth a PR project from Peel accepted by the Liverpool Docile Echo without criticism



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