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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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SchNEWS - Battle of Bexhill update

17-12-2012 17:15

Update! - Four days of direct action against Bexhill link road

.Anti-road protestors in Bexhill were ambushed by an early start to the tree-felling on the controversial Bexhill-Hastings link road this week, but they rallied and over foursuccessive days of direct action have put a spanner in the works.

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Worldwide Children's Revolution Candlelit Vigil Outside Enfield Council Offices

17-12-2012 14:33

A worldwide Children's Revolution in every town and village and city on the earth is being proposed by eco-warriors in Britain who are suggesting that the first peaceful candlelit vigil should begin very soon outside the offices of Enfield Council in Enfield, north London, England.
The basic idea is that all the women and children who are concerned about the slaughter of the innocents in wars and other atrocities should remember the victims peacefully in continuous candlelit vigils everywhere as 2012 is drawing to a close and the New Age is about to begin and Christmas is approaching.

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European Police Congress in Berlin

17-12-2012 12:55

In February 2013 the 16th European Police Congress will be held in Berlin. According to the numbers of the responsible organiser, a publishing company for administration issues, around 1.600 participants coming from more than 50 countries attended the last congress in 2012.
Cops, politicians, enterprises and other VIPs meet there once a year to coordinate their interests. While members of the administration get free access, normal journalists and people have to pay around thousand euro for registration. Enterprises with commercial interests pay per square meter for exhibition ground. Well-known brands were present the last years.

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Out Of The Rubble - Fundraiser

16-12-2012 23:29

Refugee Camp - Winter season

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Growth and Infrastructure Threat Back-As Clause 23

16-12-2012 15:15

Tomorrow Parliament debates the Growth and Infrastructure Bill again at the Report stage. Clause 21 is still there, unammended, but now as Clause 23. LAON's PR 18 outlines why we still oppose this clause in the Bill.and urges you to write to your MP asking them to support the proposed ammendents to this Bill either tomorrow or before the 3rd Reading

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Enfield Council violently attacks eco-warriors and a bloodbath is possible

15-12-2012 18:39

A terrible atrocity occurred at our site in Enfield north London England, on Thursday 13 December when a small army of Enfield Council officials, police officers, and large men wearing black clothing and balaclavas stormed into our home and started dragging thousands of pounds worth of vehicles out into the street.

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The Conservation ‘Volunteers’ Who Are Forced To Work Unpaid

14-12-2012 11:35

The Conservation Volunteers (formally BTCV) have been revealed as one of the UK's largest exploiters of forced labour. Tell them what you think today as part of the National Week of Action Against Workfare

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Travellers celebrate “step in the right direction” as Basildon approve planning application for a 15 pitch Traveller site

12-12-2012 08:05

Yesterday evening Basildon Borough Council’s planning committee finally passed a planning application for 15 pitches to accommodate some of the most vulnerable homeless Gypsy and Traveller families in Basildon. This is the first site approved by the Council since official planning needs assessments in 2006 stated the need for between 157 and 163 pitches for Gypsy and Traveller families in Basildon by 2011.[1]

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Statement from Stop the G8 regarding the summit in Northern Ireland next year

11-12-2012 13:51

We are an autonomous group of activists who have been meeting over the past 6 months to organise a resistance to the G8 summit. We have already put out a call out for a week of action against the G8. We have decided to adopt the PGA hallmarks, and we try to organise non-hierarchically using consensus, respecting the autonomy of groups and individuals involved.

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Boycott Workfare Video

11-12-2012 13:47

Video of the day of action on Saturday 8th December. After handing leaflets outside Poundland the demonstration moves onto Argos where protesters occupy the store and handout over a thousand leaflets and only leave once the busy Christmas queues have completely disappeared. This is followed by a brief visit to Superdrug before finishing the demonstration outside McDonalds where Food not Bombs gave away free vegan burgers

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On Typhoon Bhopa and the Doha Conference

11-12-2012 13:41

Typhoon Bhopa (Philippine name Pablo) have resulted to a total number of 647 casualties, with another 1,842 people injured, and 780 missing.

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Boycott Workfare day of action

10-12-2012 18:28

Saturday 8th December was the start of a week of action against Workfare, in Birmingham protesters from Boycott Workfare, Birmingham Against the Cuts, Disabled People Against the Cuts, Anonymous Birmingham and Birmingham Food not Bombs gathered outside Poundland, a local company using Workfare. The groups we’re also joined by protesters coming from the nearby UK Uncut Starbucks action where Starbucks were targeted for not paying tax.[1]

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Clerical and Institutional Child Rape and Illegal Human Drug Trials (Pin Down)

09-12-2012 23:23

These Petitions are waiting to be signed. One is already Pending at the European Parliament. They have been duplicated on two other sites their details are listed in the body of the article.

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London Vigil to Mark Human Rights Day

09-12-2012 22:44

from an LGC vigil in February 2012 outside the US Embassy
Tomorrow marks the 64th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: are rights still important? The London Guantánamo Campaign invites everyone to join us for a vigil to mark this date and in a reading of the articles of the UDHR

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UK Uncut protest against tax dodgers Starbucks

08-12-2012 23:39

Today, on the 8th of December 2012, UK Uncut protesters successfully occupied and shut down two Starbucks branches in Birmingham city centre.

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100 people at #Sheffield @ukuncut #Starbucks Action

08-12-2012 22:41

Make the dodgers pay
Thanks to everyone who joined our Refuge for The Cuts. At one point, including those people who joined to talk and listen from the amazing parade of humanity that is Fargate, we had between 80 and 100 people. What struck us as most significant about this action was the amazing interaction with our fellow public in Sheffield; people seem genuinely interested to find out what they can do fight companies like Starbucks in their tax dodging. We had well over 1000 leaflets and flyers that all went to eager eyes. Thanks to all you amazing musicians that entertained and the people who made the coffee stall what may possibly have been the busiest coffee joint in town. And the only free one... There's no way we would have expected such an action to happen even a year ago; our message is making more and minds yield to and understand the anti-austerity message.

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Workfare’s Christmas Bonus For The Bosses

08-12-2012 21:55

Saturday 8th December marks the start of a week of action against workfare [1] and shops that profit from the free labour supplied by the taxpayer. The national day of action is focusing on charities, however as there aren't many charity shops in the city centre and since a protest last month outside British Heart Foundation who announced they were stepping back from workfare[2] it was decided to take action over companies that profit from free Christmas temps at our expense. In Birmingham anti-workfare protesters gathered outside Poundland, a local company using workfare. As the protest began to grow with people joining after coming from the nearby Starbucks tax dodging action the group decided to move off in search of other shops using workfare. They didn't have to walk far when round the corner they arrived at Argos, a particularly unpopular shop amongst Birmingham Workfare activists. In Birmingham last year, Boycott Workfare was told by someone who applied for a temp job at Argos, but didn’t get it and then subsequently got sent there on workfare that they had more people on workfare than paid temps. In light of this the group made the decision to occupy the shop. The occupation was more successful than expected, security - the same people who a week earlier had assaulted a protester by punching them in the face at the occupation of the Adidas shop[3] – had obviously been told to back off and not go round punching people, let the occupation carry on as long as the occupiers wanted. After the queues at Argos had become visibly shorter the group decided that there were other shops who needed to be targeted and so ended the occupation. The next stop on the Workfare tour was Superdrug where flyers were handed out before moving on to the last stop on the tour McDonald’s. Here the protesters were joined by Birmingham Food not Bombs activists who set up a stall outside McDonald’s and began handing out free vegan burgers.

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Thoughts On The EDL’s South West Regional Meeting

08-12-2012 19:10

Last weekend the EDL held a south west regional organising meeting. here's a bit of info and thoughts.

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UG#595 - An Antidote To Forgetfulness (The Great New Zealand Fire Sale)

07-12-2012 23:40

This week we review the wholesale privatization of New Zealand carried out in the 1980s and 90s. We hear a radio adaptation of Alister Barry's 1996 documentary, Someone Else's Country and conclude with a few words from Chapter 7 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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UG#597 - The Psychology of Transition (Undoing Millennia of Social Control)

07-12-2012 23:36

This week three speakers on the ongoing transition. Bruce Schneier begins by speaking about threats to the internet and social change, Robert Jensen speaks on the naturalization of violence against women, Rob Hopkins speaks on transition culture. We conclude by returning to Debt, The First 5000 Years.