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UK Uncut protest against tax dodgers Starbucks

Hannah Hincks | 08.12.2012 23:39 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Today, on the 8th of December 2012, UK Uncut protesters successfully occupied and shut down two Starbucks branches in Birmingham city centre.

Today, in anger over Starbucks’ tax dodging [1] [2] and its empty promises of paying £20 million in tax over the next two years, the UK Uncut group in Birmingham took to the local Starbucks café in protest. The group were joined by local Anonymous members and members of other activist groups, such Occupy and Disabled People against the Cuts. Around 20 people participated in Birmingham’s local demonstration against Starbucks.

At exactly 1pm today a group of 20 anti-cuts protesters of the local UK Uncut group gathered inside the Starbucks at the corner of Victoria square. They proceeded to perform a sit in, lying down on sleeping bags to raise awareness of the effects of cuts on homeless people being caused by the government’s refusal to clamp down on corporative tax dodging.

By 1.20pm the group willingly left the inside of the café after the police arrived due to some complaints from customers and the staff on duty. The group continued their protest outside and handed out free tea and coffee to the public. At 1.40pm Starbucks had removed all protesters and customers and locked its doors. Shortly after, more than half of the group left to demonstrate at the Starbucks café on New Street which also closed its doors on the public, while the other half remained at the original targeted café.

By 2.11pm the group decided to call it a day, with both Starbucks closed up, it was seen by the majority of the group a successful action. The group had positive responses with the public, many of who showed support with the group and others who were able to engage in discussions with members on the issue of the protest.

Pete, 24, a participant in the protest, told me: “[The] protest action against Starbucks couldn't have gone better. We met up with UK Uncut, Occupy and other activists... We did what we set out to do; we closed the branch down and really highlighted the issues at hand.”

Birmingham was not the only place to have protests against Starbucks today as Starbucks café’s in London, Shrewsbury and Nottingham, besides other cities, were also protested against [3] [4].


Hannah Hincks


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