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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sheffield University occupied

30-11-2011 17:47

Sheffield student occupation - initial statement

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N30 March In Oxford: My march

30-11-2011 17:35

Thousands of striking workers took to the streets of Oxford to support the national day of action against pension cuts. I went along too, here are my impressions of the demo.

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Anarchist N30 in St. Andrews

30-11-2011 16:56

our flyer
St. Andrews witnesses the first explicit anarchist bloc at N30 demo.

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Massive Public Sector Strike, But How Could We Win?

30-11-2011 14:27

Around the UK, an estimated two million public sector workers are striking for a day against pension cuts which would make them work longer, contribute more and receive less when they eventually retire. The strikes are both entirely justified and a great illustration of working class power, yet industrial action must be greatly expanded if the ruling class attacks are to be overturned.

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N30 Strike: What's Happening in the North West

30-11-2011 01:25

There are marches and pickets to support the pensions strike in a number of towns in the north west region.

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Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots (Aljazeera)

29-11-2011 22:40

The 'Occupy' movement is one of several in American history to be based on anarchist principles.
29 Nov 2011

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Anarchist federation (london) on N30

29-11-2011 12:49

Anarchist Federation (London) and its views of the N30 day of action

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Wednesday’s Strike Is About More Than Pensions and Cuts

29-11-2011 11:38

On Wednesday, 3,000,000 public sector workers from 30 unions will be on strike, seeing the biggest walkout since the General Strike of 1926. The dispute in the strike is about pensions. But that is not all it is about. Unions cannot legally strike over cuts, it must be a specific dispute with their employer.

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Call to action on 3rd and 4th December

29-11-2011 07:45




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463 Years After The Ketts Rebellion...

28-11-2011 15:16

Still the property of humanity is being progressively enclosed. Finally the right to residential squatting is taken as well, and the Dale Farm eviction went successfully for the coppers rather than the people. Where are those fighting back and preparing armies to resist these enclosures as our ancestors did?

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White working class areas in Birmingham feel 'alienated'

28-11-2011 11:11

According to research just published white working class white communities in Birmingham feel alienated, disenfranchised and last in line for resources such as social housing, felt disconnected from the political process and that their voices were not heard.

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World in upheaval

27-11-2011 15:03

Tune in to Uhuru Radio live on Sunday for news, analysis and culture
This Sunday, November 27, 2011, tune in to for live and dynamic discussions of our world in crisis and transition. You can listen over the internet, or through your phone. Visit for phone listening numbers. Uhuru Radio brings you the online voices of African revolutionaries and our allies struggling all over the world for liberation and justice.

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Now you see it, now you don't - the case of the planted Balaclava

27-11-2011 12:35

Norman Grant
By Norman Grant

When common law rules governing the admissibility of Bad Character in criminal proceedings were abolished in 2003 and replaced with the disclosure of a defendant's previous history to the jury, good and bad detectives up and down the land must have clapped their hands together with unrestrained glee.

For immediately they knew, once a suspect's previous convictions for a similar offence were disclosed to the jury, all that was required to secure a routine conviction was a smear of DNA material planted at the scene of a crime and the rest was history. How do I know all this? Well unfortunately it happened to me!

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Occupy the Machine- Together we can halt the destruction of our only home

27-11-2011 07:08

Our planet is dying, and there is no mistaking the cause... Industrial civilization must be confronted as the machine of death that it truly is. The Occupy Movement has the makings of a revolutionary struggle, but it will only succeed if we can properly align our actions with an honest assessment of the predicament we face.

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Govt Building Squatted in Cardiff

26-11-2011 19:14

Activists have squatted a derelict Inland Revenue Building in Cardiff city centre, the anti-cuts activists were joined by Food not Bombs handing out free soup and other supporters.

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Interesting documentary films about anarchism in Chile & Greece

26-11-2011 16:40

Lets see interesting films about anarchist movements in Chile & Greece

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Liverpool Occupied!

26-11-2011 16:14

Occupy camp established in Liverpool

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Workfare to be challenged in the courts.

26-11-2011 13:49

Workfare is a programme whereby anyone who has been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) for 6 months can be sent to work for major multinational companies like Tesco, Poundland and Sainsbury’s for up to 5 weeks in order to keep their benefits. Now a legal challenge under human rights legislation is being brought against the scheme.Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers, who are representing Jonathan Shaw from Birmingham, said, “This Government scheme of forced labour unlawfully exploits individuals. The only beneficiaries are participating companies, who get their workers for free.”

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Shut down the City!

26-11-2011 10:44

This is an Occupy London event.
Assemble 7.00 am at Liverpool St. Station. We're going to shut down the City! If you can't make it quite that early, come as soon as you can....