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Sheffield University occupied

Sheffield University Occupation | 30.11.2011 17:47 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Sheffield student occupation - initial statement

Today, the 30th of November, Sheffield Students occupied Sheffield University’s Arts-Tower, in order to show solidarity with striking workers across the UK, on the biggest day of strike action since the 1926 general strike.
Our occupation is in solidarity with striking workers nationally and internationally including the global Occupy movement, the Arab-Spring revolutions, the Chilean protests, and the European resistance movements against austerity.

We are a group of students from Sheffield who have many different political viewpoints. We are united against all forms of oppression including, but not limited to, sex, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age and cultural identity.

We stand alongside unions, workers and students in the fight against attacks on all sectors; the public sector, private sector, the unemployed and pensioners. We have a list of demands which our universities must satisfy in order for this occupation to end. We will be releasing these shortly.

Sheffield University Occupation
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  1. Use Art Tower lights to spell out a message — antony goddard