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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Post workers speak out against union management agreement at Royal Mail

27-10-2007 17:16

The World Socialist Web Site has been speaking to postal workers about their reaction to the Communication Workers Union calling off industrial action against the Royal Mail and the deal agreed with management. A ballot of members has been set for just under two weeks’ time, a period in which the CWU will attempt to dissipate and stifle opposition to its sell-out amongst the rank-and-file.

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Call for nationwide prayer support for deaths in custody march

27-10-2007 12:58

No more deaths in custody
A public call to all Christians to support in prayer families of those who have lost a loved one in custody has been made by BMC3, the (Black Majority Churches Consultative Consortium) this week.

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Peter Hain is squandering £millions, starving involuntarily poor!

27-10-2007 10:59

.Yesterday's news in Britain included a half-heartedly admitted fact - that Peter Hain's Department for Work and Pensions is squandering £millions of public money. This is happening when the same Peter Hain Department is also starving uncounted numbers of involuntary poor in the country

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UK Deaths in Custody -- Facts, Figures, Suggestions

27-10-2007 01:38

Brixton, April 1978 (Pic: Ian MacKintosh)
As some comments on a recent article indicate [see ], even top-notch activists often know precious little about this exceptionally grave and widespread abuse of state power, and even less about the decadelong struggle against it. So here's a few details, just in the nick of time for the 9th Annual Rally against Custody Deaths today (Assembly: 12:30 Trafalgar Square). Additions welcome!

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New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

26-10-2007 21:15

Zapatismo in Spanish Harlem
The Movement for Justice in El Barrio, Inspired by the Zapatista Other Campaign, Brings New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

By R.J. Maccani
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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Founding Statement of London ABC

26-10-2007 12:02

founding statement of London ABC

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Removal of Ethnic Tamils' from Sri Lanka - Stayed!

26-10-2007 11:44

No Government in the European Union should expel any ethnic Tamils' refused asylum pending a decision from the European Court of Human Rights

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Porto Marghera- free film showing Nov 9th London

26-10-2007 11:43

Porto Marghera – the last firebrands
Screening and presentation/discussion of interesting Italian film

Friday, 9th of November, 7.30pm
Pullens Centre, Pullens Estate, 184 Crampton st. London SE17

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France calling, Sedat Tastan needs your help

26-10-2007 11:41

Sedat's story is emblematic of the daily hardship inflicted upon 'sans-papiers' in France.

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Off With Its Head

26-10-2007 09:39

Constitution and Revolution

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Controlled buy

26-10-2007 08:42

A controlled marijuana buy in a sting operation.

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SOCPA the Movie Showing Monday

26-10-2007 08:21

SOCPA The Movie on big screen with Q&A

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Sunday 28th: People in Common / Burma Picnic

26-10-2007 08:11

Parliament Square Monthly Picnic

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Cuba responds to Bush

25-10-2007 16:27

REPLYING to three spurious initiatives for Cuba proposed by George Bush in Washington on October 24, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque set out 12 points “covering what the U.S. president should propose as aid” to the island.

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Janadesh-Indian Land Rights march

25-10-2007 12:52

A crowd of 25,00 protestors (landless, tribal and dalts) is currently marching towards Delhi, threatening to use non-violent Ghandian direct action to bring Delhi to a stand-still if their demands for land distribution are not met

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The Myth of “Co-Management” in Venezuela: Reflections on Alcasa and Invepal

25-10-2007 12:46

* With a lot of rhetoric and propaganda the Chavez administration has advanced different examples of co-management which, they claim, demonstrate their desire to transform Venezuela’s relations of production. A compañero from Europe visited us recently and got to know two of the most celebrated cases: Alcasa and Invepal. Here is the report he prepared for El Libertario # 51 about the actual working conditions in the country’s most “important” co-managed businesses.

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Oppose Anti-Islam demo in London, this Friday

24-10-2007 13:11


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Manchester NO2ID November Newsletter

24-10-2007 10:00

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Recent news, upcoming events and ongoing campaigns

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Noon Today: China/Burma Embassy Protest

24-10-2007 07:47

Now that Burma is no longer in the newspapers every day, we need to make
sure the world does not forget what has happened, and that pressure on the
regime continues to grow. Every day more activists are being arrested, many will face torture.