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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Redhill Anti-Cuts group takes over NatWest

28-02-2011 10:50

Redhill Anti-Cuts group takes over NatWest

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Mass anti-cuts protest - Swindon - Sat March 5th

27-02-2011 10:49

Come and join us in Swindon on March 5th for a mass local protest against the cuts.

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AUCPB Member Jailed For 7 Days

27-02-2011 10:28


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Video: Shir Hever - The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation

26-02-2011 23:23

Shir Hever
Shir Hever looks at the economic dimensions of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. A highly original talk revealing many startling facts. Full video and photo report now on-line.

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Lancaster RBS bail in!

26-02-2011 18:39

On Saturday February 26th the Lancaster branch of RBS was turned into a library, as activists from the local anti cuts group reclaimed the building for the morning and put it to to good use for a change!

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Latest Anarchist newsletters/radical bulletins

26-02-2011 12:14

A round up of all the latest anarchist printed media and radical propaganda. All are free and available from Freedom bookshop, or visit their respective websites to order or download your copy.

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Eighth General Strike Shuts Down Half Greek Economy

25-02-2011 16:14

Demonstrators resisted the usual police violence
On Wednesday, Greek workers took part in their eighth one day general strike since 'centre-left' Prime Minister Prime Minister George Papandreou started imposing drastic cuts and attacks on working class conditions. The strike was called by the GSEE private sector union confederation, and ADEDY, its equivalent organisation in the public sector. It was the first such strike of 2011, and in line with the union bosses' token policy of calling workers out once every few months, while their colleagues in government get on with their work of destroying people's lives.

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Bath Bomb #37 Out Now

25-02-2011 16:08

In This Issue: Worldwide Revolution – For Real! Clegg On His Face! Raining Fatcats & Bankers! B.T.P. & W4B Not D.O.A. - W.T.F.? Can't Sell The Forests For The Trees! Rampaging Amphibians! Rampant Commercial Co-option! L.E.T.S.-ing You Down And L.E.T.S.-ing Ourselves Down! Bad-Mouthing B.&N.E.S. - For A Change! Padding Out Lack Of Content With Core-ny Jokes & Inflated Font Size!

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300 immigrants on hunger strike in Greece: 32nd day

25-02-2011 12:15

On the 23rd of January 300 immigrants arrived to Piraeus from Crete, Greece, to commence a hunger strike in order to make their voices heard on their demand for basic human rights.

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Food not Bombs launch regular streetmeals in Oxford

25-02-2011 00:02

food stall complete with music machine
Last weekend Oxford Food not Bombs did our first stand-alone street meal.

A quick report from a friendly food squirrel...

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Royal Holloway Occupied

24-02-2011 22:28

Royal Holloway have OCCUPIED the Arts Building

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Fit for What ?

24-02-2011 21:52

Under the previous Labour Government FIT Notes replaced Sick Notes in April 2010. The Coalition has continued to target “the sick”, leading to a huge backload of Appeals.

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Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula

24-02-2011 19:48

"By the 1980s, the reign of terror that blazed across Latin America was too much for most people to stomach. From death squads to torture chambers and various massacres, the Latin American generals who trained in the US to spread democracy around the world quickly gained reputations for major human rights abuses.
To replace the overt support for dictatorships, a new concept for regime change was born; one that sounds and looks better – democracy promotion."

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Brighton demo in solidarity with Libya

24-02-2011 19:14

Solidarity with the Middle Eastern and North African Uprisings

Demonstrate 4.30pm Friday 25th February 2010, Old Steine, Brighton

Over the last eleven days the people of Libya, inspired by revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia and uprisings spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, have risen up against the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. The regime has responded by shutting down phone and internet networks, attacking protests and massacring their own population from the air and with hired mercenaries. The casualties are not yet known but those murdered are estimated at 1000.

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Direct action in Warsaw over Polish-Israeli govenrment summit in Jerusalem

24-02-2011 14:56

Activists scaled the iconic Palm Tree sculpture on Jerusalem Avenue in the country's capital city Warsaw and hung a Palestinian Kuffeyah - a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people, in resistance to the normalisation of occupation and apartheid.

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Oil, Libya and the New Threat to US Imperialism

24-02-2011 13:01

Libya accounts for 2% of the world's oil output
A couple of major news stories popped up on my laptop screen this morning. First, 'Libya protests: Gaddafi embattled by opposition gains'. Second, 'Oil prices climb to fresh highs'. Of course, the two are very much interlinked.

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To Honour Mohamed Bouazizi

24-02-2011 12:46

An article from the popular press in South Africa on Mohamed Bouazizi and the revolutions in North Africa.

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Stop Anti-Traveller Racism At Leeds Common Place

24-02-2011 10:29

(How much lower can The Common Place sink?)

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Call for solidarity: Kulon Progo Self-organised Struggle

24-02-2011 07:30

We call for the strongest possible international solidarity with the fighting peasants of Kulon Progo, Indonesia. They are organising to defend their lives and the environment from the ruthless mining operations of the exploiting capitalists and their state backers, with an absolute rejection of leftism and political wrangling. Let’s internationalize the anti-capitalist resistance!