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Food not Bombs launch regular streetmeals in Oxford

munchathon-ista | 25.02.2011 00:02 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Oxford

Last weekend Oxford Food not Bombs did our first stand-alone street meal.

A quick report from a friendly food squirrel...

food stall complete with music machine
food stall complete with music machine

munching and mingling on the chewy Cowley Rd
munching and mingling on the chewy Cowley Rd

spot the skipped gak!
spot the skipped gak!

Oxford Food not Bombs started towards the end of last year. We rescue food that would otherwise be wasted, cook it into some tasty vegan form, and share it with anyone who turns up.

Some of the aspects that make this a political act rather than just charity are the radical literature available alongside the food, the reclaiming of public space as a place to gather, and our efforts to break down artificial barriers between the folks who've organised the meal and those who turn up to enjoy it!

We started with a food stall at a 'Free University' event in November:
...went on to provide snacks at various protests, and had to cancel a meal in late December because of the heavy snow. But this weekend was the first time we've done a meal that wasn't associated with a particular radical event.

It went pretty well! We had a carroty soup, tomatoey stew veg and rice. Plus huge amounts of freegan donuts and spare cabbages for anyone to help themselves to.. and we had music for the first time too :)

We're planning to do these regular food stalls about once a month, plus one-off meals at particular events. Here are the next few:

-Sunday 13th March, from 1pm Bonn Square, off Queen St, Town Centre

-Sunday 17th April, from 1pm Manzil Way, off Cowley Rd, East Oxford

If you want to get involved, email us:
foodnotbombs.oxford at
...or chat to us at one of our meals!

See you on the streets!