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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Empty property in Farnborough town centre

27-11-2006 16:02

Farnborough town centre packed with Christmas shoppers
Council turns blind eye to empty property and worse still condones a housing association that deliberately vandalises empty maisonettes to render uninhabitable.

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Peter Sandy cleared of police allegations

27-11-2006 15:55

Peter Sandy has been cleared by the Standards Board of allegation made by the Police, allegations that were found to not have a shred of evidence to support them.

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pics an d videos from the fights in OAXACA

27-11-2006 14:18

videos, pics, from nov. 25th, the day of the police attack

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Climate Action - What Next? Meeting in Leeds Dec 6th

27-11-2006 13:34

The Camp for Climate Action, Yorkshire Neighbourhood re-group: Wednesday December 6th 7pm-9pm The Common Place, Leeds (
All interested welcome

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Philippines: Another militant labor leader shot dead in Laguna

27-11-2006 03:38

Four young assassins shot dead another militant labor leader in the Calabarzon area past eight this morning. Killed on the spot was Andrew “Bok” Iñoza, union president, for 11 years now, of Alaska Milk in San Pedro Laguna.

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On the Ground: The govenor arrives and the women march - bad vibes in the bar

27-11-2006 01:57

Yesterday, Saturday 25 November, Chiapas state governor Pablo Salazar arrived in San Cristobal for a publicity visit.

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54 Mile March for Justice

26-11-2006 15:05

Appeal to join march in December from Brighton to London for Brighton Resident Omar Deghayes - currently in Guantanamo Bay. This is all provisional at the moment but we are urgently looking for volunteers prepared to join Glenn for the whole march.

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In the Pipeline

26-11-2006 13:09

pipeline protests respect wishes of landowner , to protect her from bullying police and national grid officials....

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Hezbollah versus the CIA’s Cedar Revolution

26-11-2006 12:14

"As the engineered sectarian melt-down in Lebanon crawls forward, it is interesting to read the neocon columnists as they bewail the erosion of the “Cedar Revolution,” that is to say the neocon-neolib subversion of Lebanese politics."

"But what of this so-called Cedar Revolution? Is it purely a Lebanese political phenomenon, having risen out of the anger and opposition to the presence of Syria in the country?"

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deacon dave assaulted by settler

26-11-2006 11:20

18 Nov 06 Hebron Day

At 11.30 three of us went to the olive groves to protect the Palestinian
families living in isolated homes among the olive trees.

Two settlers came towards us from the Seyaj House yelling abuse at us “Fuck
Jesus. We killed Jesus and we’ll kill you too ! “ We began filming and kept
ourselves between them and the Palestinian homes. They tried to enter Hani’s
house where we knew there was a number of small children and two women. We
refused to let them up the path and they headed off up into the Abu Haikal
olive orchard. We contacted other Human Rights Workers (HRW’s) to make sure
that there were people at the Abu Haikal house in case they made their way

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Close Down Campsfield Annual Demonstration 25th November 2006

26-11-2006 09:33

Photo: John O for NCADC
80 demonstrators stood outside the gates or Campsfield IRC, protesting at the continued incarceration of failed asylum seekers/overstayers/ and persons with out status.

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Pictures: N25 Oaxaca Burns Again, Down with URO and the PFP

26-11-2006 09:00

the Seventh Megamarch returned a scene of total war to the historic city centre of oaxaca this evening. the battle started nearing 4pm, shortly after the people layed siege to Zocalo Square and the PFP. it lasted several hours, until the Federal Repressor Force (PFP) started to advance through different areas of the city, arresting and beating dozens of people amongst them many women in their way. there are reports that talk of more than 400 disappeared, dozens of arrested and people wounded with life ammunition coming from the PFP. the number of wounded is still unknown.

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Oaxaca 25 Nov: rebellion and repression. short resume

26-11-2006 08:19

we ARE all beING oaxaca !
This is a short resume of the events during november 25th in Oaxaca

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|Offensive of the Federal Preventative Police against the people of Oaxaca |

26-11-2006 07:57

Confrontation between the police and the APPO in different parts of the city.
A large number of people are reported detained in various parts of the city.
Two deaths are the result of the confrontation. (as of 9:33)

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The New Breed

26-11-2006 05:52

A recent news report detailing the effects of Globalisation – western economic/military expansionism by any other name – and the explosion of organised criminal activity in the Balkans was aired today on ABC Radio Australia. The primary item of interest dealt with the negative impact that Western Europe, including the UK, is experiencing as a result of the activities of Albanian, Turkish, Bosnian, Bulgarian and Serbian criminal syndicates. According to the report NATO’s intervention and the subsequent elimination of traditional regulatory forces and authorities in the region has facilitated the “explosion”.

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Heavy Police Attack on Oaxaca

26-11-2006 04:06

hundred of thousands joined the megamarch, on nov. 25th
many wounded, kidnapped, dissapaered people

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Oaxaca: Illegal Detentions and Torture

25-11-2006 18:47


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Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War”

25-11-2006 17:31

Calderón Will Begin to Fall from the Day He Takes Office, Warns the Rebel Leader

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Portrait of a Barricade

25-11-2006 15:28

Cinco Señores barricade, positioned in front of the university to protect the radio within it and the autonomy of the university, is the last major barricade in Oaxaca City. Some of the most rebellious elements within the APPO have been the students and the barricade defenders at the University Benito Juarez. The barricade is known as the "Barricade of Victory" for the defeat of thousands of federal preventive police by merely a few hundred people who defended the university radio during an attempted eviction on Nov. 2nd.

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FLYER: Oaxaca Resources

25-11-2006 09:43

Here is a flyer which can be printed, copied and distributed as an organizing resource. It is available in color, black and white, rotated, jpg and pdf. Oaxaca Indymedia, Centro de Medios Libres, Narco News, Oaxaca Revolt, Indybay's Americas page and El Enemigo Común are the resources printed on the flyer, as well as an email address,, which can be used to join the Oaxaca solidarity alert list.