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The New Breed

peptide | 26.11.2006 05:52 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

A recent news report detailing the effects of Globalisation – western economic/military expansionism by any other name – and the explosion of organised criminal activity in the Balkans was aired today on ABC Radio Australia. The primary item of interest dealt with the negative impact that Western Europe, including the UK, is experiencing as a result of the activities of Albanian, Turkish, Bosnian, Bulgarian and Serbian criminal syndicates. According to the report NATO’s intervention and the subsequent elimination of traditional regulatory forces and authorities in the region has facilitated the “explosion”.

Parallels with the Iraq debacle are easily made; foreign invaders with myopic and inappropriate agendas fail to apprehend the subtle relationships (checks and balances) that formed these societies over the centuries. The disregard of local cultures by invaders is now proving extremely costly as criminal syndicates accrue vast amounts of socially affective wealth/power at blistering speed. The financial wealth of Bosnian syndicates now exceeds that of the Bosnian State! A huge proportion of the ill-gotten wealth was obtained from drug related activities in Western Europe. [O, what tangled webs, NATO!]

‘Globalisation’ and western ‘free market’ economic forces are destroying the social fabric of Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, the USA and other nations that are directly involved in short term, short sighted ‘solutions’ for economic gain. The vandals of the world are today becoming increasingly apparent; Transnational Corporations are the material expression of the free trade/globalisation philosophy or ideology.

The enterprises of these short sighted masters of the world are becoming increasingly apparent. In every possible regard these organisations are polluting/destroying the planet and subverting the social cohesion of numerous societies, including their own host societies/nations. I certainly am not a religionist but I can’t help recall the simple adage, “you will know them by their fruits”; today the putrid fruit of multi-national corporations is plain to see!

Numerous articles and papers posted to Cleaves Publishing and other independent media sites over the past few years warned of the type of future we face at present! Today’s reality of rapid decline is the direct result of our inaction. The situation is fast approaching ‘tipping point’ or the point of no return. A complete reversal of destructive trends is easily effected by simply withdrawing active support for criminal regimes and destructive Corporate institutions.

An excellent beginning would be the apprehension of known criminal puppet leaders, Bush Blair and Howard (the coalition of willing criminals). It must start somewhere if we are to survive. The above arrests by no means pretend to a comprehensive solution; however, an assertion of public will through this simple act may galvanise the greater will to survive.

“It is time to rout the rot!”

WE are ONE.