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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pavilion and Atlantic Housing Groups to Merge?

13-09-2004 16:02

Behind the backs of their tenants, Pavilion Housing Group and Atlantic Housing Group are trying to affect a merger.

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report from Venezuela film screening

13-09-2004 11:32

report from the screening of '"BOLIVARIAN VENEZUELA: PEOPLE AND STRUGGLE OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR", Asian Cultural Centre, Oxford, Sept 12th, 2004.

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M&S Picket Attacked By Fascists

12-09-2004 15:44

The weekly picket of Marks and Spencer in solidarity with Palestine has again been attacked by organised fascists. British and Israeli Zionists opportunistically used the anniversary of the 11th September tragedy to assault the democratic rights of anti-apartheid activists by "kicking" our peaceful protest "off the streets of Manchester". The racists, that include members of Israel's ruling Likud party as well as known British right-wing thugs, numbered more than seventy.

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Call to stop T-Mobile

11-09-2004 12:02

T-Mobile has arranged a meeting with Hackney council on Monday 13th Sept.
We need to make sure they also hear your voice.
1.00 - Lobby T-Mobile Hackney Town Hall Steps
4.00 - Demonstration Dorothy Hodgkin House (Reading Lane)
Make it colorful and noisy……

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Colchester social centre evicted

11-09-2004 10:39

Social centre evicted in colchester

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Mondays demonstration

11-09-2004 10:09

At the end of the 1980's, the so called "monday protests" in Germany grew
and grew each week and led to the end of former GDR in 1990. Now the monday
protests are back. It began a little over a month ago in eastern germany: in
a couple of cities a few hundred people protested against the "HARTZ 4"
program and the "Agenda 2010" which are government plans that will have an
deep impact on workers and unemployed people. By Monday, August 23, over
100.000 people participatedand by Monday, September 6, protests were taking
place in over 200 cities in Germany, as well as solidarity rallies in Paris
and Vienna.

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Sixteen photograph essay from the Republican National Convention in New York City

11-09-2004 09:10

This is my photo essay from the RNC in New York, 08.30.04 through 09.02.04.

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The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

10-09-2004 22:06

The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

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10-09-2004 22:02

Resisting the rewriting of history

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Los Trabajadores Petroleros, las Bases y el Referéndum Histórico

10-09-2004 14:43

Observadores Internacionales Electorales
Selma James y Nina López
(con vídeo clips)
Estreno del documental:
La Revolución Bolivariana: Trabajadores petroleros ¡Presentes!

Contribución de Identidad Bolivariana, Países Bajos

Sábado 18 de septiembre 15:00-18:00
Trinity United Reform Church, Buck St, Londres NW1
Metro Camden Town Entrada a pie de calle, servicios disponibles en las cercanías
Entrada: £3 asalariados; £1.50 sin sueldo

Se celebrará la victoria del referéndum con música y refrigerio.

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The Bolivarian Revolution: ENTER THE OIL WORKERS!

10-09-2004 14:32

July 2004, 34minutes, Spanish with English subtitles, VHS PAL/NTSC
Produced by the Bolivarian Circle of the Global Women’s Strike
Venezuela is the world’s 5th largest oil exporter, yet 80% of its population lives in poverty. In 1998 President Hugo Chávez was elected to use the oil revenue to tackle poverty. In April 2002 a coup against him was defeated by the millions who took to the streets. A few months later the élite and the CIA paralyzed Venezuela’s oil company PDVSA to bring Chávez down. Oil workers took over and worked round the clock to recover production.
In this documentary José Bodas, Luís Felix Marín, Jesús Montilla and Tania Suárez tell how they saved PDVSA and how they are organizing to “put the oil industry at the service of humanity”.

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La Revolución Bolivariana:

10-09-2004 14:28

Julio 2004, 34 min., Español subtítulos en inglés, VHS PAL/NTSC
Producción Círculo Bolivariano de la Huelga Mundial de Mujeres
Venezuela es el 5o exportador de petróleo del mundo, sin embargo el 80% de su población vive en condiciones de pobreza. En 1998 Presidente Hugo Chávez fue electo para que se utilice el ingreso petrolero para eliminar la pobreza. En abril del 2002 se dio un golpe contra Chavez pero fue derrotado por los millones que salieron a la calle. Pocos meses después la elite y la CIA paralizaron a Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) para derrocar a Chávez. Los trabajadores petroleros tomaron la industria y trabajaron 24 horas diarias para recuperar su producción.
En este documental José Bodas, Luís Felix Marín, Jesús Montilla y Tania Suárez cuentan como salvaron a PDVSA y como se están organizando para “poner la industria petrolera al servicio de la humanidad”.

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10-09-2004 14:21

International Election Observers Selma James and Nina Lopez (with video clips)
Documentary Premiere: The Bolivarian Revolution:
Contribution from Identidad Bolivariana, The Netherlands
Saturday 18 September 3-6 pm
Trinity United Reform Church,
Buck St, London NW1

Camden Town Tube
Level entrance, accessible toilet nearby

Entrance: £3 waged; £1.50 unwaged
Followed by celebration of the referendum victory with music and refreshments.

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10-09-2004 12:29

THE LABORATORY OF INSURRECTIONARY IMAGINATION, part of the autonomous spaces of the European Social Forum in London (14th-17th October) - will be briging creative activists, artists, pranksters and tricksters together to carry out actions and skill share.

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more than 30 000 petitioners detained in China

10-09-2004 08:43

The Human rights group "Human Rights in China (HRIC)" reports that an unknown number of petitioners, estimated around 36 000 - are removed from Bejing, held in (a) "detention camp"(s) and many brutally beaten and abused.
Many of the petitions are focusing on violation of labour rights, land rights, and other human rights issues. Many were urging the release of Ye Guozhu -- a leading activist who was recently arrested for applying to organise a 10,000-strong rally in Beijing. Other petition issues are also the forced eviction of parts of Bejing ahead of the Olympic Games.
"The right to petition is guaranteed in Chinas constitution, with no exceptions made for major events," says HRIC president.

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state terrorism: over half of Chechnya ethnically cleansed - by Russian forces

09-09-2004 12:14

they [Putin, Bush, Blair] will like you to forget, "move on", "nothing to see here". but there *is* something to see. Blair was fond of saying "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime". however when it comes to terrorism "tough on terrorism, tough on er. . .no!!". the only way to defeat terrorism, is to defeat the causes of terrorism.

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True Olympics: Olympian Seeking to Renounce U.S. nationality!

08-09-2004 16:06

One Olympian's quest not over, former Olympic athlete, Nathaniel Lincoln Mills, has been seeking to denationalize, describes nation-state system an "uneccessary form of segregation, disrupting natural connections between members of our one human family." U.S. State Department wrestling with case, denying to honor U.S. & human right to renounce, fearing Mills would become "stateless". Mills now in London, after traveling from home in Washington, DC to Athens, Greece during Olympic Games to renounce.

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08-09-2004 15:33

Human rights advocates on a recent fact finding mission found major problems in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

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Building Bridges Radio- N.Y. Labor Protests Bush and the RNC

08-09-2004 00:07


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Israel-Palestine: Appeal from Greek comrades for an international anarchist day

07-09-2004 14:44

Israel-Palestine: Appeal from Greek comrades for an international anarchist day of action. Greece, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brasil and Australia are already on the move!