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more than 30 000 petitioners detained in China

ab | 10.09.2004 08:43 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

The Human rights group "Human Rights in China (HRIC)" reports that an unknown number of petitioners, estimated around 36 000 - are removed from Bejing, held in (a) "detention camp"(s) and many brutally beaten and abused.
Many of the petitions are focusing on violation of labour rights, land rights, and other human rights issues. Many were urging the release of Ye Guozhu -- a leading activist who was recently arrested for applying to organise a 10,000-strong rally in Beijing. Other petition issues are also the forced eviction of parts of Bejing ahead of the Olympic Games.
"The right to petition is guaranteed in Chinas constitution, with no exceptions made for major events," says HRIC president.

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