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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Listen to an interview from Cochabamba...

18-04-2010 19:02

From the dissident island radio correspondent on the ground in Cochabamba...

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Bristol Televised Election Debate Mass Action - Update

18-04-2010 18:36

It was previously announced that the debate charade would be held at the Mercure Hotel at 4pm. It has now emerged that Mercure is in fact the meet point for the hand-picked audience to be taken to a secret location which we won't know until the day. However planned road closures, police activities and inside information suggest strongly that the actual venue will be the Arnolfini, just round the corner.

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Activist Realism panel - linking critical theory with activism on the streets

18-04-2010 14:34

Activist Realism
Listen to a lively panel discussion recorded at the London Action Resource Centre on 10 April 2010...

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May Day Discussion

18-04-2010 07:31

The first in a programme of monthly discussions and debates that will be held on the last Sunday of every month at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham Freeschool invites you to an evening of discussion and reflection on the history and politics of Mayday.

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Bloody Oil - My people are dying, and we believe British companies are responsib

18-04-2010 00:19

"My people are dying, and we believe British companies are responsible. My community, Fort Chipewyan in Alberta, Canada, is situated at the heart of the vast toxic moonscape that is the tar sands development. We live in a beautiful area, but unfortunately, we find ourselves upstream from the largest fossil fuel development on earth.

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Activists back at Kudos Pharmaceuticals after Legal Victory!

17-04-2010 15:26

Protest by the Kudos Pharmaceuticals sign
Protesters back at AstraZeneca subsidiary - Kudos Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge

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Save Bita Ghaedi EMERGENCY DEMO MONDAY 19th London

17-04-2010 14:32

*EMERGENCY DEMO MONDAY 19th April 2010 assemble Home Office, Marsham Street, London @ 10am. Demo to continue until deportation flight takes place at 7PM the following Tuesday. Bita is now on full hunger food, no water!

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Gil Scott Heron: Don't play in Tel Aviv

17-04-2010 09:49

Gil Scott Heron was part of the United Artists Against Apartheid in the early 80's.He sang against Apartheid and against artists playing at Sun City (see Shockingly he has a concert date booked in Tel Aviv on 25th May 2010.
We must get the concert cancelled!

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Activists Confront Cambridge Uni Over Animal Tests

16-04-2010 22:57

Activists protest outside after leaving Cambridge Uni's Downing Site
University Vivisection Week of Action – Cambridge Action!

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BP + Tar Sands = Climate Crime – Thu 15 Apr 10

16-04-2010 17:58

A1. More in Common with Indigenous First Nations Folks than British Bosses
Dateline: BP Shareholders Annual General Meeting, ExCel Conference Centre, London, Thu 15 Apr 10 – At the apex of the 'BP Fortnight of Shame', at the entrance to the BP AGM, climate chaos and human rights activists persuade BP shareholders to vote for the FairPensions anti-Tar-Sands motion. Mobilised by the UK Tar Sands Network, Rising Tide and Climate Camp, we let BP shareholders know, in no uncertain terms, that BP + TAR SANDS = CLIMATE CRIME.

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Open letter to UK Defence Minister: Free Joe Glenton now

15-04-2010 22:51

conscientious objector Joe Glenton at an anti-war protest, London, October 2009
Joe Glenton is an ordinary, decent man who committed his life to the defense of his country only to find himself participating in an aggressive war against a poor and far-off country that has neither the resources nor the will to be any threat to his own country. He is now being criminalized for his unwillingness to participate in an illegal, immoral war and for speaking out against the actions of criminals with power.

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Oil, Violence and Social Movements in Colombia

15-04-2010 21:55

Key Guest: Bruno Federico.
Bruno is part of COSPACC*, a Colombian collective that works with
communities in the region where BP operate for oil.
He will explore questions around energy sovereignty, control of natural
resources and what this might look like practically for the environmental
movement in the North-West, in the context of global climate change.

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Election Poll

15-04-2010 18:35

With the election frenzy of the media in the past week, just where do you stand?

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Yescool: WHAT IS IT? Just an idea?

15-04-2010 11:09

envisoning a physical space where one can learn about fixing the world
(1st article from my blog)

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April 24th: Liverpool Antifascists Folk & Ceilidh Night

15-04-2010 09:51

Liverpool Antifascists' second benefit night this month will take place on Saturday 24th April.

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About the 6 Anarchists arrested as terrorists

15-04-2010 08:53

At 9 o clock, the newscast in central creta channel was occupied by 70 anarchists in solidarity with the 6 arrested and persecuted comrades accused of involvement in the revolutionary struggle. Following is the text read during the course of action

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Fighting Corruption or Persecuting Political Opponents in Venezuela? A Response

14-04-2010 14:21

"A judge should not get a cosier cell just because of her socio-economic class."
"In his April 3rd article for the New York Times, Romero manipulated and distorted the facts about Afiuni’s case to fit the Times’s agenda of impeding honest news and discussion about Venezuela, driving forward the informational sabotage against the Chavez government that is widespread in the mainstream international media.

Romero asserted that Judge Afiuni and Eligio Cedeño were political prisoners. This is clearly inaccurate, especially since no evidence was presented that they were politically active. His piece also implied, by omission of sufficient context, that the Chavez government is the primary cause of the problems in the judicial system. This is also inaccurate and disingenuous. Romero even went so far as to implicitly compare Afiuni to the Dalai Lama at the end of his article, confirming the Times’s lack of seriousness when addressing these issues.

Romero’s article is an insult to the real political prisoners of Latin America – past and present – who have been tortured, murdered, and disappeared by dictators and neo-liberal regimes that used the justice system as a repressive tool to eliminate opponents. And, Romero’s article distracts his international audience from any constructive discourse about the problems in Venezuela’s justice system and how to overcome them, in the context of this gruesome history."

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Sisters In Struggle

13-04-2010 23:39

The anarcha-feminist conference in Manchester, organised over the weekend of the 10th to 11th April was nothing like my preconceptions.

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BP don't pollute our environment, coz your ruining our wildlife

13-04-2010 15:18

Everyday 100 animal and plant species become extinct,1,000 acres of peat bogs are excavated,150,000 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed,22 million tons of oil are consumed...

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A Year Ago Today

13-04-2010 12:13

The first year anniversary of what has become infamously known as... The 114.