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Yescool: WHAT IS IT? Just an idea?

Mateusz Bartmanski | 15.04.2010 11:09 | Culture | Education | Social Struggles | World

envisoning a physical space where one can learn about fixing the world
(1st article from my blog)

So what is it? Well, it can be called a school, or maybe a university, by some it even might be called an institution. I dont think we should be calling it anything. Just leave it as a place where you learn to fix the world. Where you can gain practical skills in fixing the world. Where you learn to care. Where you learn honesty towards the world as well as towards your own being (not necesserily towards the self:) Where ... actually... I myself do not know what a place like that would teach but I am willing to speculate.

In terms of actual place I envison it as an officially recognized school with its main goal of "fixing" the world, whatever that means. I shall come back to the term "fixing" in a separate post as I feel that it needs that but as it stands we can easily say that our world is a crazy place filled with crazy people. I pose that asumption solely on the fact of our propensity to create suffering on a very unnesessery scale. I know that sounds weird but i know that suffering is just a fact, its neither good nor bad, it just is but there is no reason that we need to create more of it in, let me be blatent,such stupid way. You know, the usual stuff, wars, oppression, hunger, polution, getting screwed over etc.

In market terms, I think it is a viable idea with such a big new age group of anti globalizationizm anti consumerizm, anti corporationizmerizm anti- antizm. IT could be a cash cow. What it could also do is ... if well marketed and advertised... create a phisical mekka of sorts for all these groups. Universities have such programs, they teach about it, but nobody that I know of actually done it in such a way that the sole purpose of such a thing be "fixing the world". I hear that in the US there is such a thing as a university of occultismy. If you can have a doctorate in shamanism or wicca ... why not a doctorate in fixing the world? By the way ... if you taking my tone above of marketing and cash cow scenario seriously then either change your tune or stop reading and bye bye.

I think a place like that would still have your usual subjects but all of them would be proposed in sucha way that it would be focused on more radical views of fixing. In the next post ill very quickly brain storm what sort of subject these could be. Just a list, maybe with a quick explantion of each.

Another aspect i think needed here is humour. There is enough suffering around to weep your whole life away. Why not smile from time to time. Who knows maybe even manage to make it the new in thing. Not necesserily smile like on Collgate ads, but smile on the inside, with your whole body and being. Sometimes even have a good laugh. Good humour is no joke and i think may be more powerful then the best of arguments. ha ha ha ... youll have to quote me on that one if you want to repeat that. (if you didnt notice my name is Mateusz Bartmanski)

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